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So I##Q##m back in London and loving it!

Per usual I did a bit of what I would like to call, “investigative shopping”  and it took all the power within me not to pull out that plastic every few feet!  Its so much fun to try and find those unique items while traveling and isn##Q##t it always great to bring back things from places you know you can##Q##t find here!  The boutiques are incredible and of course, with stores like Selfridges and Harrods, you might as well just set up camp for a few days!

This trip however, I had an agenda and was looking to find a few key pieces to add as staples to my wardrobe and have a few shops I couldn##Q##t leave London without visiting:

First off, as you can see all around in fashion right now its all about the LEATHER!  Leather leggings, leather dresses and skirts, and of course that all important leather jacket.  What I love about leather jackets are the way we can wear them.  Naturally, they are great with jeans, tee##Q##s and a scarf, but I love them with dresses and sparkle as well…its that naughty and nice thing.  So, off I went in search of that elusive jacket and knew just the store I wanted to hit!  With my Superman in tow, we headed over to the incredible, BELSTAFF. You may have heard of Belstaff, but in case you haven##Q##t, Belstaff products started in the UK over 80 years ago and have a cult following.  Their Apparel has been the most requested leather jackets from Hollywood and can be seen in films, such as the Aviator, Top Gun, Batman Begins, Inglorious Bastards, and the latest Wall Street Movie, just to name a few.

I must have tried on 20 coats and trust me they all are to DIE for!  Not everything is made from leather at Belstaff, as they also carry their own patented line of jackets made from a wax like fabric called, “Reacta”, it looks like leather, but is more protectant.  However, on this day, it was the leather and because if was my birthday that day, well, guess what I found one!  I encourage anyone who hasn##Q##t found the right jacket to visit and take a look!

Okay, on to other things!

Another must visit store while in London is ALL SAINTS.  I absolutely love this shop!  It stocks some really unique pieces that are everyday, but with a cool edge and the prices are super reasonable.  In my opinion, when it comes to style its all about the mixing it up.  I bought a few tops and a dress with lots of gathers so it can be worn in different ways, short or long.  BY THE WAY, this season its all about the RUCHING…I##Q##m sure you##Q##ve noticed.

If you are an online shopper, take a look at for some affordable funky pieces.


Yes, on the streets of London, like here boots are key!  I recently purchased the ones I am wearing above at another great London find, RUSSELL & BROMLEY.  The UK store carries all the latest trends in footwear and has some of the popular shoe designers designing just for them.  A few years back when over the knee boots made a debut, I must admit, I thought they looked trashy.  I wouldn##Q##t have been caught dead wearing them and couldn##Q##t figure out why women were!  However recently,  I##Q##ve had a serious change of heart, as you can see!  The designs this time around are cool and edgy and I particularly like the flat heel.  The one##Q##s I am wearing I can scrunch down as well.  The other boot I am loving and which you see all over London, is the ankle bootie and these look fantastic with leggings and skinny jeans.  Another must have!!!  Check out

One other small but fantastic find, I happened to miss purchasing, but am hoping Super will bring back for me, is the TANGLE TEEZER!  Girls, we all need one!

This little pink (it comes in other colours too) miracle, is the creme de la creme of detangling brushes and will break the cycle of broken hair, as it has the ability to flex and not pull, delivering smooth and shiny hair in an instant.  They are the rage in the UK and there are plenty of places online you can order from the UK, but I just did a bit of research for you and it looks as though it is Available in Canada & the USA through

Charlston International Haircare Ltd.
— (416) 663-1950 — (800) 486-1570 —


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  • Kiara Hunter

    Written on October 16, 2010

    LOVED Mary’s recommendation of All Saints Clothing Line out of the UK. They have an American website that I perused and found SO many gorgeous clothing pieces as well as shoes and accessories! The Vintage area is amazing and with such, I bought 4 dresses (!) and the price was very decent. I will buy more from their Look Book – very classy and stylish.

    Mary is a wonderful representation of fashion and style, I will continue to subscribe and take advise from her from now on! Thanks Mary!!!!

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