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Mary Tripi,a name that transcends decades of fashion and beauty as a pioneer and leader in the industry, is known for her uncompromising style and extensive knowledge in trend forecasting and innovation in hair..its fashion, function and health and how it can define us. Assignment Fashion is extremely proud to have our very first candid interview with Mary in her Downtown Toronto salon located in the prestigious Yorkville neighborhood, where she tends to the manes of many from all walks life, everybody is a celebrity when Mary opens her doors and welcomes us in to THE PRIVATE WORLD OF MARY TRIPI.



The Private world Of Mary Tripi


How, and when, did you get started in the make up/ beauty industry?


MT: I started to work at a salon in Athens Greece when I was 14 years old, which was 1954. I began washing hair and assisting to begin. Doing hair and working in the beauty industry is a way of healing someone. They walk into a salon and when they walk out they feel better about themselves. It is funny because when I was younger I dreamt of becoming a chemist/pharmacist…to heal people. I feel like that is what I essentially ended up doing.



What defines beauty to you?


MT: You can find beauty in everything and everyone



What/ Who inspires you in the industry?


MT: people inspire me, visiting museums and different galleries fuels inspiration. Travel inspires me and I am truly always continuously inspired by the wonders of nature. The designs by Kenzo and Vallentino (who I just met) motivate me! Alexander (the Great) from Paris and the Corrida Sisters have been leaders in hair and have admired their work throughout their careers.



What makes you choose a beauty brand to represent in your beauty establishment?


MT: Innovation, Development, Quality and Education



What piece of advice would you pass onto those just getting into the field this New Year?


It takes hard work and dedication. Be open to your environment and beauty that surrounds you it will serve as an inspiration. Always be creative and allow it to flow never become stagnant.

What in your opinion makes a great beauty service establishment?


MT: Commitment to the purpose (VISION)
Commitment to the Staff (EDUCATION)
Commitment to the Client (SERVICE)



How have you noticed the beauty world’s retail industry change and/ or evolve?


MT: It’s Global now, so many options. It’s important to keep the needs of your clients a priority. Fancy packages etc. don’t mean anything. It must be a good quality product.




How important is the consumer, in your opinion, within the beauty industry?


MT: Without the customer there is no industry. I always listen to my customer and take into consideration what they want. My job is to interpret that and make them feel like the best possible version of themselves.




What in your opinion defines a great professional beauty industry service provider?


MT: There is a deep level of respect that develops between provider and customer. Trust is developed and this is very important, Integrity is truly the foundation in the relationship with the client.



What is your personal beauty secret?


MT: Natural regimes work best. I import a number of products from different countries that share their traditional secrets. My personal secret is to laugh A LOT. I enjoy my children and grandchildren and being with them keeps me youthful, full of vitality and energized..


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