Mana Mansour:West Coast style in her words


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What are the top 3 must haves in your closet?

My top must haves is 1. My black blazer from Zara (love this piece so much I got it shipped when leaving it in a hotel in LA) 2. Sexy black ankle boots (great when you need a lift for TV shoots) 3. Vintage accessories (they just make an outfit!)


What’s your go-to outfit?

My go-to outfit is usually skinny’s, a stand-out top, blazer, heels and a statement necklace. I work in lifestyle journalism so luckily I don’t need to be in a suit but I still like to look polished and fashion-forward.


What’s your go-to store?

My go-to store in Vancouver is Zara….really cutting-edge pieces that don’t break the bank. In the US- Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, I love department stores!


Earrings, Top, Pants & Necklace from Lynn Stevens


Who’s your favourite designer?

This is a hard one….so many to choose from! But currently I would say Alexander Wang. His silhouette is so simple yet chic, and his accessories are to DIE for.


Are you affected by trends? Are there any trends at the moment you love or hate?

I would say I take inspiration from trends but they don’t rule my style. I am more influenced by vintage looks than anything…however I still like to go to H&M and get that hot “it” item from time to time. The current trend I love- NEON colour. The one I hate- UGG boots, they are a big NO.


What advice would you give to young women/men trying to find their personal style?

I would say find a style icon that you admire and try to incorporate that into what makes you happy and looks good on you. My current style icons are Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung, however I am not a stick-thin gal like they are, so I know what works on my body.


Dress by Babe by Jason Matlo, Earrings from Jeweliette


What’s your opinion of fashion magazines? Do you read them? Would you let your daughter read them?

I love fashion magazines but I want to stress that they provide inspiration only for me. It’s a fantasy world with luxury brands so I like to get inspired from editorials then take it back a few notches and incorporate it realistically in my life. That being said, I absolutely love PEOPLE Style Watch, great read with affordable items.


What was your favourite style decade? (grunge, hippy, 40’s, …)

My favourite style decade would be the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, when Halston and Studio 54 reigned.


What does style mean to you?

Style to me means feeling good by looking good, whatever that is for you.


Dress by Babe by Jason Matlo, Earrings from Jeweliette, Shoes by MTNY


Do you dress for yourself or for others?

Myself totally! I’ve worn a lot of crazy outfits over the years that I clearly was the only person getting any enjoyment out of them.


Do you have any beauty or fashion tips you’d like to share?

For beauty I would say always take off your make-up and put moisturizer on your neck. These two things have helped keep my beautiful mother looking at least 10 years younger than her age, and are things I now do regularly. In terms of fashion, don’t be afraid! In Vancouver I think we worry too much of standing out but it’s about time we all thought a little bit outside the box.


How has your personal style changed over the years?

Definitely. I have had every “look” under the sun, from “hip hop” in high school, to “hipster” in University. I think my current style defines me the most.


Do you think women dress to impress men, other women or for themselves ?

It really depends on the woman or the man. I mean we’ve all seen that certain type of gal who hooches it up at the bar, and I don’t think she’s doing it for comfort. I also think women tend to judge each other tremendously so in the end it depends on the person/group but yes it does happen.


Dress by Badgley Mischka from DuJour Boutique, Earrings and cuff from Jeweliette


What do you think about the way men/women dress in this city? Do you find Vancouver’s style different from other cities you’ve been to or lived in?

I think Vancouver is definitely really laid back and “outdoorsy” in our style- we like our lululemon and MEC! But I think in recent years things have been starting to shift, we are getting more inspired to take risks, as our shopping and fashion scene grows and more options become available to us. All the more reason to tune into West Coast Style to help with that! *wink I have lived in Los Angeles and Toronto and Vancouver is much more pared down, obviously.


Define fashion? Or what does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is the art pieces of style. Style is personal, yet fashion is the options to create it.


Have you ever felt pressured to look a certain way? Why? What did you do about it?

Yes definitely, as all woman have! Skinny, lighter hair, more “white” looking, the list goes on and on. I now only do what makes me happy and I am more comfortable in my skin because of it.


Dress by Sue Wong from DuJour Boutique, Earrings, cuff, bracelets and necklace in hair from Jeweliette


Do you think fashion and trends are affected by media? Is this a good thing?

Definitely! If they weren’t I wouldn’t be doing my show. I think it’s valuable and inspirational to be informed about what’s out there then translate it into a way that fits for you.


What do you think about the Yoga craze in Vancouver? Would we ever find you out for lunch in yoga pants?

Doing yoga is great for our bodies and is so valuable to health, so I do support the craze of doing it. Wearing it, NO. I own a lot of yoga pants but you will never see me wearing them other then inside the walls of a gym.


What’s your favourite accessory?

I really can’t decide on only one so I will say my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse from ions ago, while I was living in LA and when the line was still fairly new- it was the must-have thing that season, and still is pretty hot. And my other favourite is my gold Michael Kors watch given to me by my lovely boyfriend.


Dress by Sue Wong from DuJour Boutique, Earrings, cuff and bracelets from Jeweliette


What do you do to look Red Carpet ready?

Sleep, Hair blow-out, Make-up artistry!


Do you or would you ever consider using a stylist?

Of course! The talented Claudia Da Ponte helped me look so fashionable in this photo shoot.


Dress by Badgley Mischka from DuJour Boutique, Earrings and cuff from Jeweliette


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