Malene Grotrian custom Bridal

My fiancé and I were invited, along with two other couples, to participate in an ‘Ultimate Shootout’ with 30 photographers. The other two couples were married and got the chance to dress up in their wedding gowns and suits again but David and I aren’t married yet so our photo shoot was an opportunity to celebrate and document our engagement. “How fun!” was my first thought and…… “what to wear?” was my second. But I knew who to call.

I’ve been a fan of Malene Grotrian Design for years. I got to know Malene through working with her in my business, designing her website and marketing materials. I have also had the honour of modeling for her in a few shows and, over the years, we have become close friends. I’m in the process of working with her to create my custom dream wedding gown so, naturally, she is the only person I had on my list to call to help me create the perfect look for our engagement photo shoot.

Malene invited me up to her studio to discuss my vision. I told her I wanted to do something different. With the other girls wearing wedding dresses, I wanted something just as grand, something unique that suited my girly, couture-loving side but something that reflected my professional business personality and made me feel powerful alongside my man.


Photos: Michael Petrachenko - Teresa Corsie - Dave Bryson


Malene had the perfect look: a stunning and grand charcoal pinstripe ball gown skirt (the finale piece for her Spring/Summer 2011 collection) paired with a white bustier that echoes a crisp white men’s shirt. As is her signature, she tied it all together with a wide black satin belt. It was perfect. And BONUS! I can wear the white bustier again as a separate piece. That versatility is one of the things I love most about wearing Malene’s designs.


Photos: Jelger Vitt - Raymond Chou

I got a taste of how I will feel wearing my custom Malene wedding gown… I felt elegant, beautiful and feminine and yet strong and powerful on the day of the photo shoot – exactly how I wanted to feel. I think that’s a feeling Malene gives all women who wear her clothes and through the experience of creating them with her.


Visit Malene##Q##s website for a complete look at her entire collections. Thank you to Allison Cousins for sharing her story.

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