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SET BAG HEAVEN by Emily Cheng




I didn’t know a set bag could give me so much joy!

I’ve been on a search for the perfect set bag for years.  Any make-up artist in the field knows how vital a good set bag is.  I’ve tried over 10 different styles and they’re now all stashed in my overflowing make-up closet.

Recently I discovered the absolute perfect bag for my needs and it was love at first sight.  I have realized over time that I cannot use something that I have to carry on my shoulders as they are constantly sore (something I’m sure all you fellow artists can attest to).  However, most fanny-pack style set bags are quite thin and offer only limited slots for individual brushes. The make-up forever fanny set bag can even be used for hair styling, large enough for spray cans, brushes, palettes and more!


  • Fanny pack style (no strain on the shoulders)
  • 4 large pockets in the front, perfect for keeping brushes/products organized and separate for multiple people on set.
  • Lots of room for palettes and larger products like body creams and foundation
  • Enough pockets to keep essentials on hand like eye drops, moisturizer, oil blotters and more.
  • Comes with a carrier bag to keep exterior clean.
  • Has a flap that can cover the products/brushes when not in use.
  • You will never have to run back to your station for anything again.  This will enable you to keep everything you used with you. Especially useful for the times you are shooting in remote locations.



  • has two patches of velcro on the front which can snag your shirt but can be easily removed with a stitch ripper.  However, it is there so that you can keep the flap securely closed to prevent product from falling out when not in use.
  • a little more expensive than most set bags out there but for pro-artists, Makeup Forever offers 40% off retail price


Where to find.

Naimie’s Beauty Center

12640 Riverside Drive

Valley Village, CA

Phone: 8186559922

Pro Artists – Web Site

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