Main Street Ventures

Hey everyone! Recently I have really been enjoying walking up and down Main Street. There are a lot of cool spots in the area including clothing boutiques, vintage stores, and cool cafes. If you’re looking for recommendations I have been loving Umeboshi Shoe Boutique, Eugene Choo, and General Public Sushi Lodge. There’s an eclectic mix on Main that you can’t really find in other areas of Vancouver except for places like Gastown, or Commercial Drive (I’ll do a post on Gastown later). On sunny days it’s nice to just walk up and down the block and window shop. There is also a great noodle bar on Main called Noodlebox, and they have a fantastic selection of noodle bowls. My friend Rachel and I were walking around the other day and we came across the cutest little plant store called Flower Factory. Inside they had really tiny cacti jars and some beautiful floral arrangements. Perfect for interior decorating! El Camino is also a really hip restaurant with great food. Very Spanish inspired and they even have gluten free options. So if you’re looking for a neat area to explore one day I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Main Street.