Maggie Bill Wardrobe Director for ET Canada


Maggie Bill Wardrobe Director for ET Canada


Maggie Bill has worked in the film and television industry for many years. Beginning her entertainment career initially as a producer, Maggie was getting tired with the job when the opportunity arose to fill in when short a wardrobe stylist.

“I had some experience in the fashion world and I just continued on from there. It just seemed to be my niche, and works for me.”


While in Torontodoing a job for a friend who was an agent for ET Canada, Maggie was asked if she wanted the position as head stylist for ET Canada. She said “Yes” and after living inVancouver for 11 years, Maggie moved toToronto on a three month contract, and the rest is history.


From the GRAMMYs to the Oscars, Maggie has outfitted the entire cast of ET Canada for the world’s most prestigious red carpets. Working with a team of trusted assistants, Maggie plans out the outfits for all six hosts on a daily basis – which is no easy task.


AF: Did you go to school for styling or wardrobe design?


M: No. I guess I just have a natural talent. You have to have a certain eye.


AF: What do you like to style Cheryl and Rick in?


M: It depends what they are doing. For the show, we like to give them an upscale fashion, a little more fashion forward, not the jeans and t-shirt kind of thing. Things that look flattering on them, things that look good on camera, like jewel tones and the right silhouette is very important, a lot of the fashion out there right now is loose and misshapen, and if you don’t have a waist you usually end up looking like a box. We really just try to make them look as good as they can, and feel as well as they can.




AF: Are there certain designers you use more often than not? Or do you just use everything?


M: Not really. I use many different designers. Some Canadian designers, some designers from all over the world, I work a lot with BCBG, I work a lot with a boutique called Want in Toronto. We have a show everyday, and we have 5 people to do everyday, so you have to be on the tips of your toes to try and keep everything organized.


AF: What designer best describes your sense of style?


M: Jean Paul Gaultier.


AF: And why is that?


M: I just love his look. I love Thierry Mugler, I like very edgy fashion without being clunky, I like edgy modern fashion. But Gaultier is my favourite.


AF: Is there any local or Canadian designers you try to speak of to get their name out there or do you just prefer working with the bigger designers?


M: I look at all the new designers coming up and all the fashion shows and pick try to pick them out and promote the ones that I think will do well. I try to get a scope of what’s going on and give the Canadian designers an opportunity, and if they don’t fill the bill, then I just get it from wherever I can.


AF: Is there any upcoming events that you are excited to style for?


M: Well yes, we are coming up to the awards season so first we will start with the Golden Globes, and then the Grammy’s and then the Oscars. And then of course the MTV Awards in January and February.


AF: And what is your favourite one been to date to style for?


AF: MTV. They’re funky; you can do more off the wall things with it and have some fun. It’s more youthful and energetic. A lot about colour, sparkle, and shape.


AF: How would you describe your sense of style?


M: Funky I guess, I kind of like a little uniform in my style. I find a certain look I like and I feel comfortable when I go out the door in the morning. I don’t want to have to think about my clothing, I need to look like a stylist and to look like I know what I am doing. It’s all about comfort for me, I have to work long hours and maintain the look all day. Comfort and a nice shape, age appropriate, I make it my own look and try to not copy anyone. If you came to my house you would be surprised at how small my wardrobe is. Everything has to mix and match. This way I know exactly what I have.

Attitude is very important in my job. You have to be sort of a psychologist in a way. You have to feel for what’s going on in someone’s personal life and know where to step in, and be comfortable if you want to make a change but you know how to not intrude on them. Attitude and a good sense of humour, because our hours are quite long and you just got to have a laugh.


AF: Do you have a certain fashion icon?


M: Betsy Johnson and Vivian Westwood. I love their energy and their longevity. And they are constantly able to change, keep up, and be very youthful.

Check out Maggie’s dress “The maggie Dress”  HERE

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