Looking for Some Authenticity?

You know those pieces in your closet that are the ‘classics’, the one’s you’re sure your kids will wear in the next generation? Those boyfriend bootleg jeans or cozy sweater now have a down to earth piece to pair with them.

Pyrrha, which we love even more because its local, is an antiquey, humble jewellery line that turns 19th century stamp seals into necklaces. These embossed silver pendants vibe off the last era and tune into the next century. The chains are that great extra-long length to dial down any Friday night silky dress with a bit of the past. And hey, even if the guys you meet that night aren’t authentic, at least your necklace will be!


Each piece holds a symbol and meaning. Above are the Leaf which says “I change only in death” , The Horseshoes which represents good luck, and The Scissors say “We part to meet again”. Check out their full selection at http://www.pyrrha.com/home . You can also find their pieces are Yyoga Locations and Blue Ruby

Posted by Noel Bentley

Creator of Assignment Fashion.

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  1. awwww, “we part to meet again” that is so sweet <3
    btw ur rly awesome sasha!! can't wait 4 ur next post! ^__^v

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