Little Black Dress

The little black dress. It’s simple, an easy choice for an evening out. And it’s practical!!  It can be worn day and night in most any situation, in any style, any cut, any texture. Undoubtedly the most key piece of anyone’s wardrobe it’s like the ditto of dresses.
With such versatility it is no surprise how effortless it looks. A heavy wooden bangle or colourful cardigan can instantly change the look. Whether you’re going for muted elegance or more inclined to the vagrant bohemian, a black dress is drug of choice. It’s perfect no matter.

This look in particular is charismatic and seductive. A little flapper, a little mod, it seeks to bend genres. The most notable points of interest are the accessories. The hairpiece, the bag and the shoes all exude the spirit of the past but in entirely different ways. Each one looks like it’s from a different time and space. However, there is a stark contrast between them all. Black and white retro shoes are cute, charming in a masculine sort of way.  And the beaded headband is ageless. It sparkles, while the knapsack looks worn and well-travelled. Understated details, but each one has a story.

As if all that was not enough, the hem of the dress is the slightest-bit frayed, a pattern that repeats up the dress. At the bodice it transforms, barely translucent but still mischievous. Along with the bare face and platinum hair, the look is striking. She’s classic and vagrant, a blend of waifs throughout the ages.

Who: Sophie Lachapelle – Chisholm
Age: 20
Where: Victoria
Where From: Campbell River
Why: “Well, it was my gosh-darn birthday and I was gonna do whatever I wanted.”
— Dress: Vera Moda – 45$

— Mime shoes: Aldo – 50$

— Knapsack: My mom##Q##s ##Q##traveling-Europe##Q## bag that she found in Paris, 1978.

— Headband: Forever 21 – 5$

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  1. Thanks for the great blog, Karri. There really is nothing like the ‘little black dress’. Hopefully someday I will fit into one! Gorgeous photo of Tophie too! She’s a natural model indeed!

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