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AF Vancouver Sophie Alden might have named her jewellery line after the character Lisbeth in the popular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novel and sequels but it turns out it was for a different reason.


She named her line Lisbeth Jewelry after her middle name because it was the name she always wanted.
“I think one of the reasons why Lisbeth is so great is that it is so versatile–I wear the same necklace in the day with a T-shirt and jeans as I do when I go out at night,” she says.


“The jewellery isn’t meant for a specific occasion but to be complimentary to one’s personal style.”Her vision for Lisbeth is for it to be sold in fashion boutiques and department stores worldwide. Her main focus is on the Unites States right now.


She has a new representative in Los Angeles and is excited about all the growth and potential possible.
Her line is composed of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. “It is whimsical and feminine, with edgier elements, and particular attention to small details…all of the pieces are quite simple and clean, as they are meant to be layered together,” she says.


“I love to play around with different metals and textures to make the pieces more interesting and unique.”


Alden, born in Seattle, is a religious studies graduate who started her line in 2006. Although she is self-taught she has taken several private lessons to develop her skills and learn new machinery. Plus, she will be taking some casting courses in the near future.


“I think it’s a constant learning process – an evolution, which really keeps me inspired,” she says. “I have found the best way to learn and move forward is through trial and error and just experimenting…but professional classes have really helped me refine my technique.”


Other designers work often sparks inspiration in Alden. Lines that she likes include Giles & Brother, Eddie Borgo and Rosantica. Alden has also attended trade shows such as Beyond Pink, a show for young women in business.


A perfect night for her is to make a lovely dinner and sit by the fire while watching a movie with her boyfriend, dog, and rabbit named Papier when not busy making items for Lisbeth Jewelry.

“I use 14k gold fill, sterling silver, rose gold, black silver, and some stones that I try to keep quite raw and organic,” she says.


“I am mix of classic, bohemian and rocker,” she says. She has become an online shopper because she works so often. “Mostly I shop on or but I’m also a regular at One of a Few, The Block, and Holts.”


Her target audience is women between the ages of 18-35, but she is always surprised to see the diversity of her clientele. “I have people buying necklaces for their daughters and also for themselves,” she says. “When I am designing the pieces I have a younger, fashionably conscious person in mind that is looking for something different, pretty and something that won’t be over in six months.”


Her business plans for the future are to get more representation outside of Canada. “It’s a process…So I just try to work as hard as I can everyday and to make Lisbeth better and better and just push forward.”


Lisbeth is sold across Canada and in some U.S. stores. In Vancouver, you can find Lisbeth at the following stores: One of a Few, Fine Finds, Hemingway, House of Jewels, Kiss and Make Up, and Eugene Choo. You can also purchase her line online at the below site.


View Lisbeth’s line at

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