Lisa and Dave’s mountain top proposal

“They say love can move mountains but in this case love came to the mountain.”

On July 29th, 2013 Pilot Bradley Friesen took model Sarah Porchetta, Photographer Natalia Anja and (the mark) Stylist Lisa Millar- Jones on what they thought was going to be a photo shoot in a helicopter.

As Pilot Bradley Friesen brought them to the 5000ft mountain summit Lisa was in for the surprise of a life time because standing there was her boyfriend waiting for her on the glacier.

Lisa got out of the Helicopter to some sense of what was happening and approached Dave (the boyfriend) who then dropped to one knee and proposed in front of friends and mother nature at her finest. Dave Brown had set up what many of say we will give our better halves, ‘The World’ and from the view at that peak, he sure did.
This epic proposal was documented from every angle by 3 helicopters, 9 Go-Pro’s, a camera crew and a photographer.
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Bradley Friesen(@bradleyfriesen) then took the 3 girls up another time to do a real photoshoot. Check out the photo’s – HERE



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Natalia Anja Photography – SITE



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