Lie Sang Bong S/S 15

Lie Sang Bong 2015

From the moment of entering the Salon at Lincoln Centre we knew we were in for a spectacular show. Production was clearly a high priority, as evidenced by the beautifully decoupage runway covered with flowers butterflies and  images from the Lie Sang Bong archives. As we took our seats, a large butterfly was projected onto the wall as the collection took flight.

This collection, as expected from the dramatic build up, is very story-driven, influenced by tragedy and the strength we find from it. The focus of “Dream Roads” is to “share the positivity that is brought on by the beginning of spring and the promise of a new day”.

The first pieces to hit the runway were monochromatic, focusing on structure and form, blending the full-bodied silks with lighter, more fluid-like lace.

lie-sang-bong01 lie-sang-bong06

As the collection went on, in came the colour. The pieces became more fluid with bold, abstract graphics making a strong impact, but remaining soft and feminine.

lie-sang-bong24The abstract prints gave way to a beautiful butterfly print reflective of the imagery used on the runway and Salon’s walls. This was used on silks and sheers and eventually brought into beautiful three-dimensional accessories such as belts, shoes and even spectacular corsetry.

lie-sang-bong26 lie-sang-bong13 lie-sang-bong37

My favourite piece was a structured, wide-armed top in the butterfly print paired with blue pants. Its beautiful, clean lines combined with vibrant ethereal print was really spectacular.

lie-sang-bong31 lie-sang-bong28 lie-sang-bong36


You really must check out the full production and collection below, as it was spectacular: