Less is More – Keep it Simple

When I’m planning an outfit I think about what top I’m going to wear, what pants I’m going to wear, and, if it’s going to be -30, what jacket I’m going wear. This may sound easy, but it still takes a gruelling amount of energy to get ready in the morning. To save time I try to keep things simple, because less is indeed more. I love basics like a solid black t-shirt or tank with a knit cardigan and jeans.

Karl Lagerfeld has been known to say, “once you buy a pair of sweatpants you lose control of your life.” I LIVE by this. I wore a pair of Lululemon yoga pants out once and my sister commented, “you wear them to the gym and sweat in them, so they’re still technically sweat pants.” THIS MADE ME MAD because I love those leggings, but now they’re for workouts only. You don’t see a girl wearing jeans very often without complaining, so I find they make your outfit a little dressier and more put-together without even trying very hard. I love my jeans.

An outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be chic. If a piece of clothing cascades off of your shoulders and brings a beautiful shape to your torso, it’s a keeper. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be a basic crew-neck. An item with a simple yet elegant silhouette can be much more appealing than layers of flashy jewelry.

Think about how your shoes will show off your body. Do they cut at your ankles and make you seem shorter, or do they add an illusion of length to your legs? Heck, are they even visible? Shoes can make or break the silhouette of your outfit and adding unnecessary accessories can distract from a simplistic, but carefully designed masterpiece.

Mixing and matching shapes on the top and bottom half of your outfit can help shake things up. Try a tight pant with a loose sweater – classic! A structured pant with a delicate flowing blouse – gorgeous! Or a tight zip-up body suit under a long pair of flowing maxi pants – ah-MA-zing! In these situations the combinations of shapes are endless and the silhouette of your outfit will take place over all those bling-y accessories.

To conclude I will quote Dwight Schrute: “K-I-S-S – keep it simple, stupid.”

Here are some outfit ideas!



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.23.09 PM

This blazer is from Kit and Ace.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.21.40 PM

This slip dress is from Aritzia.