Le Diner en Blanc



This past Thursday saw Vancouver City Center being invaded by a chic army dressed all in white. The buzz of curiosity from passers-by was tangible, and many stopped to ask what on Earth was happening. It was not, as one of my fellow party goers tried to convince one particularly bewildered tourist, a “Scientology gathering”, but in fact the fabulous evening that is Le Diner en Blanc.




For those not in the know, Diner en Blanc originated in Paris in 1988, and it is for all intents and purposes a flash mob picnic. However, not only do you have to come armed with your own table, chair, food and table dressings, you must also be dressed solely in white from head to toe. The rules are strict and getting an invite can be tricky.

At the beginning of the evening the 2,500 guests are sent to various locations in the city to meet their group leader and check in. I was sent with my charming dinner date, Mr Atom Paradise, to Vancouver‘s Waterfront station to meet my group and await further instruction. No-one except the organizers know the final location until minutes before the event starts. As we are passed our train tickets, we find out that we are headed to Science World, so the horde in white descends upon the Skytrain, causing yet more bewilderment.


Hailey Porter with her home-made floral head-dress.


Once we arrive at our destination, the event is swiftly underway. Tables are laid and an assortment of beautiful cuisine spread out. It really is an impressive sight and no small undertaking!


Waving of the napkins to signify the start of dinner
Waving of the napkins, signaling the start of dinner



Fruit plate and donuts with caramel and bananas



The night went off beautifully. The setting was stunning, the live music great and everyone seemed to genuinely be delighted to be there. I really do applaud what the team at The Social Concierge achieved in Vancouver. It is really refreshing to see so many new and interesting events in the city.


End of the night



For those looking to attend next years event check out the website here: http://vancouver.dinerenblanc.info/