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The LA makeup Show 2014

The LA makeup Show 2014 – by Emily Cheng  [fb]


LA Make up

Day one, a line up spanning across the lobby of the California Market where the 2014 Makeup show is being held, makes it clear that the show is going to be yet another success this year.  With a line up of speakers such as Gina Brooke, James Vincent, Orlando Santiago and Vancouver’s very own Jon Henessey it is clear that the imparted knowledge from this weekend is to be highly coveted.


Gina Brooke Portrait


Hands-on classes, keynote forums and product deals are just a few things one can look forward to when coming to the LA Makeup show.

The booths at the show vary from established brands to new comers.  The discounts given at the event vary from 20-50% off of the regular price for most brands.  For example, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Forever and Kevin Aucoin were all sold at a 40% discount.  Over my 8 years as a makeup artist it surprises me how few people know about these discounts available to artists.  Naimies and Nigel’s Beauty are two stores that offer these discounts year round, so for those who aren’t able to make it to the shows, they can always call and place an order or visit the two stores when in Los Angeles.

There were products available that solved problems that I have dealt with as an artist for years and it is always so exciting to discover these at the Makeup Show.  My absolute favorite this year is the Glamcor hand palette. This thin, stick-on hand palette offers a quick solution to working off the back of your hand as many artists do, without it being directly on the skin.  The hand palette is made with a sterilized medical grade material that is thin enough for body heat to transfer through.  Simply peel off and replace with a new one between each client, avoiding the dreaded scrubbing of gel liner off your skin.



In addition to being able to purchase products for your kit at a discount which is already tempting enough, you have first hand access to renown artists and their knowledge.  This year Gina Brooke who is Madonna’s personal artist divulged her story on how she got to where she is and even shared a few of her coveted tips and tricks.  Private classes were held with the artists with a smaller audience where the featured artist performed demonstrations.  The attendees were then given the opportunity to work on each other and have their work critiqued by these artists.  Now just imagine having someone who works on Madonna personally help you with a smokey eye.  An absolute unreal experience.


Lastly, the event was graced with a Kevin Aucoin tribute where his personal workings were displayed.  His color swatches and inspiration for his line, personal notes to his loved ones and face charts were all there to be seen.  It was like getting a glimpse into the mind of an ingenious artist.



For those that have never been to The Makeup Show, it is definitely an event to attend at least once in your career if not every year.  The show exhibits in Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Chicago and Dallas.  Each show features different speakers, artists and brands so it never gets old.  The next show is held in New York, May 4-5. Don’t think twice and just go, let yourself be be inspired and feed your artistic soul.




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