La Biosthetique: a culture of total beauty

A culture of total beauty


La Biosthetique has been on Canadian shores a few short years, but in that time they have made a huge impact on the hair and beauty scenes here. This is especially evident in Vancouver, where their flag ship Canadian training facility at Black 2 Blonde opened a little over 6 months ago.


Whilst new to North America, the German made cosmetic company has over 60 years of development and experience. Created by biochemist Marcel Contier in Paris during the 1950’s, it has since become one of the most respected and sought-after lines of hair care, colour, skin care, and make-up products in Europe.


Black 2 Blondes sleek interior


What makes La Biosthetique stand out from the crowd locally, is not just their prestigious European history, or their strong visibility sponsoring many of Vancouver’s top events, but their commitment to education. Not just to those students who enroll on their courses through their academy, but also their clients, peers and the media. Last month I was invited to two different events which allowed me to see this first hand.


Me talking with Philip Jung of La Biosthetique


The first event was a press event, designed to engage media in seeing the process that a La Biosthetique client experiences. What really stands out for me with this process is how much they engage the client in teaching them about their own skin and hair health and requirements. After all the delightful pleasantries of your complimentary tea tray, and a quick introduction to the process with your stylist are done with, your skin or scalp is swabbed. From this your oiliness and PH are shown to you on an easy to read chart, which your stylist talks through with you in detail. This gives the client a real insight into their own skin health, and removes that feeling of snake oil and sales hype so often associated with a trip to the salon. After that the stylist continues with your treatment now adapted to your individual  needs. I must also add that the complimentary scalp massage is amazing! the best I have ever had!



I love the products too which really makes the whole experience, the scents are amazing and the the textures are gorgeous, most especially the make up which is perfectly creamy but not oily in the slightest. I talked a little to Anna Riese who heads the make-up and beauty team who talked a little about their work with cancer patients to create wearable products for them, as often after treatment the patients will have problems with skin sensitivity. This was not a surprise to me as La Biosthetique prides themselves on their commitment to a socially and environmentally responsible company and product.




The second event was an all out hair party! Set on a cruise ship, we set sail with many of Vancouver’s prominent hair stylists, representing a wide range of the city’s salons. As the night progressed, we were given an insight into the latest hair trends for the season.




Sweet, soft pony tails and feminine curls gave way to harsher, strong cuts with a punk-like feel, finishing with a stunning editorial avante garde section, all based around beautiful grey tones and cut away styles.

A selection of styles with a punk like feel marked the halfway point of the show


During each segment, the La Biosthetique team would take some time to discus the looks, and how they were achieved.


Marc Riese of La Biosthetique talking through trends and techniques


La Biosthetique’s commitment to educate is not only admirable, but effective at engaging the local fashion community and beyond. I look forward to their next foray!




A big thank you to the La Biosthetique team, most especially Philip Jung, Marc Riese, Anna Riese, Michelle Phaneuf and Lyndi Barrett of Lj PR.

 Photo credits: Natasha Novakovic