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Kristina Cressman is an event curator along with being a jewelry designer, stylist, and aspiring actress. Her main passion is bringing people together through fashion, art, and creative expression. Her very first event was an craft fair and music show back in 2013. Admission was by donation and it was a warm and welcoming event with lots of talent under one roof. She took a bit of a break from event planning to focus on her jewelry line Unicorn Dreams, ( which is really starting to take off in Vancouver. Over the past year, Kristina has curated a total of four events, which were all quite a success.


When putting together a fashion show, Kristina does not discriminate against size, age or race. Her first fashion show was titled BELLEZA, which means beauty in Spanish. It was held at Ayden Gallery and was possible thanks to an incredible team of people that are behind what she is doing. There was a performance by local artist David Morin and there was also live painting by artists such as Arden Marrow Ross. The second fashion show was titled ANITZA, meaning diverse in basque. It was sponsored by Free Association and was held at The Imperial. It was a first time for many of the designers that were a part of these shows to have their work showcased.
She is currently planning her next fashion show with a goal of hosting it at the Burrard Hotel. This is a young lady who dreams big and almost always gets what she wishes for. She is a pleasure to work with and genuinely cares about the well being of everyone around her. She is working hard to give creative people in Vancouver like herself a platform to express themselves freely and isn’t afraid to ask for help. Please share her crowdfunding pages. (links below) Her next event will be a market/music show on Commercial Drive, date and location yet to be announced!
Photos are by Kendrick Dettmers ( from Kristinas last fashion show, ANITZA

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