Kiss Me Heroine Mascara by Emily Cheng


Kiss Me Heroine Mascara-Long and Curl


A long, full set of lashes is what every girl dreams of having. With the hundreds of mascaras out there it can be hard to find your perfect match.  Kiss Me Heroine Mascara is designed for those with straight lashes.  Even some of the best selling mascaras on the market can be too heavy for those with straight lashes.  When wearing mascara you want to make sure that you get a good curl especially on the outer corner to avoid a droopy appearance.



After much trial and error Kiss Me Heroine has come out on top.  Not only does it retain the most perfect curl throughout the day but cry and rub all you want, this mascara will not flake or smudge.  The wand has a soft curve so that you can get the product straight to the root to pump up length and volume.  Get ready to take on hot summer days and tear inducing weddings!



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