KEVIN BRAUCH – “The Master of Mixology Shares TIPS on Fashion”


Story by Shauna Ireland    Photos byYanaK


Spring fever is in the air!  I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to slipping into the latest bold statement making prints to cool color combos for the warm weather season ahead.  I have decided to ditch the runway and head straight to the patio to taste the most edible fashion trends!!  Spring Cocktails!


I had a chance to catch up with “Iron Chef America’s” and “The Thirsty Traveler” host Kevin Brauch at the “Martinis with Men” event inTorontohosted by Eligible Social Club. Kevin has travelled the globe exploring food and beverages fine-tuning his craft.  We should be thanking this man who has made a career out of mastering the mix!  Tom Cruise who??


Brauch hosted a roomful of society mavens at an intimate gathering held at the exclusive private wine club Vintage Conservatory, where he discussed love, life and dating, while he poured delicious cocktails and shared some of his serving secrets and techniques.


Every women fantasizes of sipping pina colada served with a mysterious smile from the sexy, bartender who is magically able to seduce you with the ingredients that make a well mixed cocktail tasty and unforgettable. Wearing a deep purple dress shirt under a grey vest with a loosely worn striped tie with sleek slim cut black pants Brauch’s attire screams functional urban cool, his unique detailed mixoligist skills mix perfectly with his understated style.   Kevin admits to not paying much attention to fashion trends he explains this is the attire he typically wears behind the bar for function and practicality and when he has a day off he is a t-shirt and shorts type of guy.


Brauch uses his many mixing styles to depict his everyday fashion sense.


“ You will find me in jeans and sometimes a blazer.  I like to mix it up but I travel so much so keep it casual, simple and universal”



How would you describe your personal style?

“Classic jeans likeLevisthat fit well and a T-shirt, simple and no fuss, for me it’s all about the sunglasses and the sneakers.”

What are your favorite sneakers?

“Nike customs”

What are your favorite sunglasses?

“Oakley’s “

What are your favorite stores to shop at?

Banana Republic, Henry Singer and Armani AX”

Who are you fashion influences?

“Beastie Boys and Kayne West”

Kevin is a simple guy with a complexity of creation, I asked him…what he would serve the following Hollywood icons based on their fashion sense .We continued sipping champagne and indulging on oysters as we flipped through magazine pullouts of current celebrities.


What would Leonardo Di Caprio drink?

Priceless Tequila  “It is what it is”

What wound Bono drink?

VanillaManhattan“Irish man inNew york.  Classic with Jameson’s soften it with toffee vanilla infused into Jameson’s

What would George Clooney drink?

All class and luxury, nothing but the best a 5g luxury neat cognac

What would Paul Mc Cartney Drink?


“Sir” Pims over pear, green apple or cucumber served in a long glass over ice.

What would Scott Disick (Married to Kourtney Kardashian”) drink?

Rose or white zinfandel!

After our interview Kevin continued to entertain and socialize with his guests. Although he was the celebrity host everyone in the room felt compelled to call him their friend.

The room was filled with laughter; an overwhelming positive vibe and a flow of conversation naturally followed the river of delicious martinis served with a smile!


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