Katya Leonovich – S/S 2015

Innovative, avant-guarde designer Katya Leonovich is pioneering the future of fashion with her S/S 15 collection.  Leonovich not only used, but helped the 3D printing engineers in the process of creating new more pliable printable fabrics, that are even machine washable. This collection marked Leonovich’s first foray into 3D printed garments. Even before the lights went up the audience was wowed. Katya Leonovich-SS15-14

The collection itself was based on clean simple lines, allowing the textural coral like printed embellishments stand out on their own.
Leonovich showed herself to be a smart designer, and resisted the chance to go too far playing up the printed element, and didn’t allow it to over dominate the designs. The balance was perfect, the clothes whilst spectacular, remain wearable.
Katya Leonovich-SS15-10
Whilst Leonovich was unable to print out the full garment this time around, she was careful to choose fabrics that compliment the futurist detailing, using metallics meshes and sheers.
My favourite look was a vibrant blue mesh 2 piece top and short combo, the bold colour with simple clean cut made a real impact on the runway.
Katya Leonovich-SS15-11
Leonovich is sending a clear msg to the fashion world that she is a leading pioneer in the industry, message received loud and clear!
Katya Leonovich-SS15-1 Katya Leonovich-SS15-5 Katya Leonovich-SS15-8 Katya Leonovich-SS15-24
 Runway images by Anton Oparin