Jacqueline Conoir/JAC – Fall/Winter Collection


Jacqueline Conoir & JAC embody the feminine aesthetic with an edge; an on-trend sophistication apparent throughout both lines, which highlight designer Rozemerie Cuevas’s talent for infallible tailoring, textile mixing, and styling. The first show was Jacqueline Conoir, presented as a pseudo photo-shoot, in which the models appeared in groups of two or three (a refreshing twist), posing in carefully crafted suits, skirts, dresses, jackets and trenches. The color palate was primarily cool comprising of black, plum, grey, turquoise, crimson red, dark goldenrod with a hint of camel hues. As such, the stand-out piece of the line was a brassy colored, long sleeve, and print dress. I appreciated the ease in which the dress hung on the model’s body; a classic way to be effortlessly sexy.



While Jacqueline Conoir is the upscale lady with a purpose, JAC is her rebellious, equally high-end, but artsy younger sibling. Think over-sized sweaters, haram pants, see-through mesh fabric, zipper-detailed skinny leg trousers, long knitted scarves styled with combat and studded boots. Cuevas isn’t scared to challenge the various shapes of the female figure; tough can be feminine too! I loved the open collared, black leather jacket contrasted with a folksy-inspired, black and grey wash dress. The balance between hard and soft in this look, adequately conveys the play on girlie with an attitude. After the show, I had the chance to ask Cuevas about her source of inspiration behind each line.





How would you describe the woman that you had in mind when designing your two collections?


The Jacqueline Conoir woman is glamorous, sophisticated and international…she wants to be seen in the crowd and she is comfortable with who she is.



Is the woman who wears Jacqueline Conoir, the same woman who would also wear JAC? It’s certainly more edgy!


Yes! It’s edgy. But there is a crossover, as many of our clients [for Jacqueline Conoir] love the JAC line, because it gives them a full attitude, in your face collection…the rock star in every one of us! It’s a whole other demographic who wears JAC as well, the more youthful woman who doesn’t need to always be glamorous but it’s certainly tailored to the fashion industry, the styling industry person…more of a creative type of person.



And though the two collections were seemingly contradistinctive from another, the designs from Jacqueline Conoir and JAC were nicely cohesive with Cuevas’s fun use of print as well as with her signature flair and knack for modern design.

Photos by Chloe Elgar



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