Isabelle Dunlop

Isabelle Dunlop



“I##Q##ve had no formal training in jewellery but I have always loved making different pieces,” says Dunlop. “I worked in Beadworks on Granville Island for a few years, so that really helped me get some retail worthy skills!”


Dunlop learned wire wrapping by well-known local jeweller Anna DeCourcy who has been in the design world for years which helped her hone her craft.


Natural fibres are generally the materials used to create her line. She often uses wool, cotton, silk and the odd polyester that has a pattern that she simply has to make something with.


Aside from being a fashion designer, Dunlop plays in two bands and is a part of an artist collective created by a group of friends called Boutique Empire made up of musicians and designers.


“Me and my husband are in a band called Combine the Victories,” she says. “Together, we make up an electronic duo and we both sing.” Sex with Strangers is the second band Dunlop is in. In March, she is heading to Austin, Texas with this band to play at a festival called South by South West (SXSW).


Her vision for her brand was “to create pieces that are cherished and hopefully add something positive to the world.”


Dunlop sees her line being suitable for anywhere you want to go and any occasion. When it comes to target audience, Dunlop doesn’t have a particular age group in mind but the one thing she does know is that her line is targeted towards original people who like unique items.


“I##Q##m always tempted to buy something from One of Few and my guilty pleasure is H&M,” says Dunlop. “I generally wear my own designs so I guess its ‘Isabelle Dunlop’ style but I like to think that I have a pretty classic style.”


Dunlop is often inspired by fashion magazines. “I love reading the spring and fall fashion magazines, if I love a picture I tear it up and put it on my wall,” she says. “Right now I##Q##m kind of enthralled by lace and Victorian jewellery.”

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