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Last night I attended the runway show of designer Clarence Ruth for his Cotte D’Armes 2013 Spring/ Summer line. I really liked his denim line for the jeans are cut very stylish and slim and look extremely comfortable. Clarence Ruth##Q##s clothes have a bit more detail than your average pair of denim line but still maintain an everyday wearability.  Cotte D’Armes 2013 has a pair of jeans for every kind of person;  if you are more daring or outgoing you can wear the more detailed denim and if you are a bit hesitant to step outside of the box there is something for you in this line as well. This is definitely  a designer that will find his mark in Vancouver.




A native New Yorker, and F.I.T. Educated designer, Ruth had been designing for ten years before he started his own high-end denim line in early 2011. Having worked with the creative minds of Abercombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren and GQ designer of the year, John Varvatos; he has long been a part of the New York fashion community.



Inspired by military history with a touch of American biker, Cotte D’Armes has a dark yet confident aesthetic that is becoming popular among artists of all types in New York. An innovation of Ruth’s is the combined waistband and zipper fold, giving a tighter fit. Distressed, and bleached out to dropped rises, and leather inserts, the line takes an unconventional spin on quality denim. Available at some of Vancouver’s top boutiques, Cotte D’Armes strong, and unique style, is something not easily forgotten.


Thanks to Christel Laycock at the Empress Group for having us.

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