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An outfit of simple androgyny, this look is classic and uncomplicated. The look is made up basics, a set of muted essentials. As the only pattern in the outfit is the floral scarf, the all-over solid blacks and blues act as an effective canvas. The addition of floral in this boyish look creates a harmony of masculine and feminine. Tied as a bow, the touch of masculinity comes through. Nevertheless, the softness of the scarf and splash of flora suggest a sweet femininity. The contrast is also attributed to the in the stark difference in colour, the light hues of the scarf playing of the bare background. A sharp shot of blue peeking out from the cardigan is playful but subtle. It exudes just enough flash, without overpowering any other aspect of the look.



Outfits that require no fuss are just as fashion forward as the most intricate of styles. The jeans and cardigan combination is easy and casual. The chic minimalism is at the same time modern and a throwback to the 90’s. Plain lace-up shoes are another tribute to grunge. Easy to pair with most any outfit, these flats look comfortable, not to mention their utility. An understated detail, they accentuating the look’s laidback vibe.


This look is a certainly a sartorial success. The little details make all the difference, especially something as simple as scarf tied in a bow. It just takes a little creativity to make something unqiue. Very sweet, very stylish and completely effortless; this style definitely stands out.



Who: Markela

Age: 24

Where: Utrecht

Where from: Athens, Greece

Why: “Just because I wanted to wear a bow but I actually had a new scarf.”


Cardigan: Vintage – 55e

– Shoes: Invito – 65e

– Shirt: H&M – 10e

– Scarf: Vintage – 6e

– Jeans: H&M – 19e

– Socks: Happy Socks – 7e







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