I am back from the UK!

I am back from the UK!  What a great time to have been in London just as fall is kicking into full gear.  I absolutely LOVE fall fashion and as I meandered around the city, it was like being surrounded by a giant catwalk!  As much as us westerners see and hear about the funky side of London fashion, which can be extremely entertaining, the truth is Londoners know how to dress!  No matter what look they are going for, they look “put together”, men and women alike.

I did so much on this trip and aside from giving you all a bit of insight on fashion on the streets in London right now, I am going to introduce you to one of London##Q##s hippest jewellery designers, and a Stephen Webster protégé, about to become huge all over North America, TOMASZ DONOCIK! I will be putting together a piece on Tomasz very soon but have a few things to post first  … see them here

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