How to Organize your wardrobe for F/W15

The change of season brings with it a number of adjustments that you will have to make in order to make life easier when the chill sets. Chief among these things is switching out your summer shorts for some Fall/Winter woollies and organizing your wardrobe for FW15. It may seem like a heck of a task, so here are our top tips to make it a smooth, hassle-free and stylish experience.


1. Swap Over The Clothes

Most people do not simply have the room to store two sets of clothes in one apartment or house, that’s where self-storage units come in handy. Storage companies like Apple Self Storage offer a variety of secure spaces fully equipped to protect and store all of the clothes, accessories and lifestyle pieces that you don’t have room for when fall rolls around. They are great places to store your boxed summer clothes and forget about them until the weather warms. Plus, it’ll feel like a giant gift to yourself when you unpack all of your summer clothes and add them back into your wardrobe rotation next June.

2. Donate To Charity

It’s always a fantastic idea to sort through your clothes before locking them away for another year. There will always be a few pieces that you don’t want any more, and charities really benefit from this surplus of unwanted clothing at the change of the seasons, especially when it is in good condition. This is a great deed that will make you feel awesome!

3. Buy Closet Organizers

A closet organizer is a fantastic way to create more storage space for tricky items like shoes and jewellery. By hanging it from a railing, the door or the ceiling of your wardrobe, you’re freeing up that precious built-in shelving space for more clothes (the priority!). This is a particularly good tip to utilize if your wardrobe is small or you don’t have much storage space in your house.

4. Develop An Organizing System

A wardrobe organizing system will save you many a headache in the early morning rush to get ready for work. Organize your wardrobe in a way that makes sense to you! This could be by material, color or piece. I like to keep mine color-coorindated when I’m organized because it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier – especially when all you need is a black top. Always keep shirts with shirts, pants with pants and accessories in their own space to avoid them getting crushed amongst other things.

winter wardrobe

5. Put Your Favorites Where You Can See Them

The oldest trick in the book is to put the pieces you most often reach for, right in front of your eyes. Then organize pieces that you don’t wear as frequently to the far edges and above and below your eye line. This way you’ll also have the foundations of a comfortable and stylish outfit on hand, and you can go through and add quirky pieces and additional layers from the rest of your wardrobe.

So there you have it, some of our top tips for organizing your wardrobe for F/W15. Are you a fan of putting your off-season clothes into storage, or perhaps you prefer donating unused and unwanted apparel to charity? Do you have closet organizers? Or do you have a specific organizing system that you use? Let us know your favourite ways to organize your closet for the new season in the comments below.