Here Comes the Ordinary

I’m Kari, an avid lover of fashion seeking to be inspired. I am very interested in the everyday wear of randoms and immerse myself in people-watching. This often leads to witnessing the most unique and captivating styles. I find learning what inspires an outfit beyond intriguing. The street is easily one of the most provoking realms in which to uncover influential fashion.

I am also interested in fashion that spans the eras. I believe every trend can be recycled to create something new; we just need to find a way to do it. Our contemporary culture has begun to find inspiration in the most simple and absurd places. A crack in the sidewalk can lead to the most extravagant concepts. And age does not matter. Whether it be a look from a refined adolescent, a 30-something in granny-wear or a retiree channelling bohemia, we are evolving in our ability to create.

With all the talent surrounding us, local or otherwise, finding clothes that display your personality is neither difficult nor unreasonable. And with engaging ideas and tips on how to express yourself, I hope it would be impossible you find yourself bored. There are so many possibilities when it comes to fashion. It just takes a little spark to rouse that bit of ingenuity latent in all of us.

So stir it up darlings, and let it out. <3


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  1. Yeah!!! Let us all welcome Kari on board!! She is a great addition and will provide all you readers with a lot of really good information and intelligent,humorous and informative posts.

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