Haiti’s children and ‘The Music Tree’

To Canadian model Alexandra Genis there is nothing glamorous about the work she does in Haiti, it’s not a stop over photo-op or a chance to get a write up to get press, in fact I had to sell her on this piece and even then I had to make it about the work not her. Genis is in Haiti yet again with her boyfriend Canadian Basket Ball player and singer Levon Kendall,  as part of her charity work with ‘The Music Tree’ (site here). The goal is to continue to bring awareness to the country’s struggles and the challenges it still faces when the media has moved on to another story. Music is universal and translation isn’t always necessary to enjoy it or participate.

There is no corporate overhead with ‘The Music Tree’ so all money raised goes to the charities beneficiaries and since its founders and coordinators are actually on the ground and see the funds go to where they are most needed, you can be assured your donations get to where they are needed.

Alexandra now lives in Vancouver’s ‘Eastvan’ neighborhood so when she gets back I promised we would sit down and talk more about this movement.


These pictures are from today in Cite Soleil the largest slum in the Western Hemisphere.




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