Going for Gogol

What is more fun than a night out at a show? Concert-wear can come in a variety of different styles, depending on everything from the venue to the genre of music. No matter what influences the look, dressing right adds another level of excitement to the show. Most important is being comfortable, not just how the clothes feel but how you feel in them. It would be pointless to wear something you can’t move in. Likewise, it would be asinine to try-out a new pair of heels at a show with the intent of moshing. A little planning should go into what you wear, but it should never detract from the event itself.

This particular look meshes comfort and style fantastically. As if head-banging was expected her hair is down, yet the bangs are pulled back to avoid any bother. The star-sprinkled top is flowy, giving the outfit movement. It’s just darling, perfect for dancing.  The leg-warmers, black with wooden buttons, are an interesting choice of accessories. Whereas a necklace or bracelet could easily get tangled in another concert-goers hair or clothing out on the floor, leg-warmers are safe, not to mention undeniably cute. Simultaneously practical, different and fun.  In contrast to the black garments, the leggings and runners add an exciting explosion of colour. The distinction draws the look together.

Something sweet and casual like this is the ultimate show-wear. It breathes, and can easily be made dressier. Pair with heels and pull back the hair to take it from rock-show to dance-club. It’s versatile and feminine, but most importantly comfortable!!

Who: Kayleen W,
Age: 20
Where: Burnaby
Where From: Chilliwack
Why: “Gogol Bordello was playing and I wanted to look cute.”
What: Dress – Off The Wall $35
Tights: Sears – $15
Leg Warmers: Ardene – $5
Headband: Borrowed from sister.



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  1. Adorable is right! Your model looks like she’s ready for some fun, and your description of her outfit and ‘look’ made me want to come along. Nice job, Kari B. Keep up the wonderful writing!

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