Easy Decor Ideas

Making sure the space I live in is clean, modern, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing has always been important to me. Maybe this is because my mom is super into interior design and always enjoyed dragging me to home furnishing and decor stores when I was younger. Watching my mom has taught me a lot about how to take care of my space and make it look nice. It’s important to keep things clean and tidy and I find I’m more motivated to take care of my space if I feel proud of how it looks. Listed below are some trendy ideas to make your space look nice. That being said most of these ideas are pretty affordable and a lot of the items I mentioned can be found at thrift shops. You just need to be able to to spot which pieces have the best potential. Since I will be a student again soon I will definitely be using some of these ideas to decorate my dorm apartment!

1. Vanity Tray

Making a cute display of some of your most aesthetically pleasing beauty products is a great way to decorate your space with things you already own. All you need is a vanity tray as a way to group the items together so it looks like a logical arrangement instead of a messy countertop. You can find vanity trays at most bed and bath stores, or at home consignment shops. Feel free to give your tray a face lift with a coat paint and make sure that the style of tray matches the theme of your space (wood tray, glass tray, ceramic tray – they all give a different vibe).




2. Air Plants

Air plants are a fun, simple, and cheap way to add some interest to your space. You can place them on elevated platforms or hang them from geometric shaped cage vases. They are also super easy to care for.




3. Vase + Tropical Leaf

A tall, skinny, pretty vase with a single tropical leaf inside can completely brighten up your space and look totally modern and aesthetically pleasing. Pick a statement vase and try to coordinate it with your space’s colour scheme. Then all you need is a tropical leaf and voila!



4. Unique Picture Frames

Acquiring some old vintage picture frames can add a cool and tasteful vibe to your space. However, developing or finding pictures and posters to put inside of them can be tricky. My suggestion: buy some coloured paper (in complementary colours) and cut the paper so it fits nicely inside the picture frame. Then place the frames, with the coloured paper inside, together in an interesting way and hang them on your wall. Voila! An instant pop of colour plus some interesting picture frame art.


5. Ring Dishes

Ring dishes with a pop of colour not only make for great decor pieces, but they’re also are a great way to display and store your favourite pieces of jewelry. Pop them on your dresser in your room or any other place that needs some added interest or colour. You can even buy a matching necklace display hanger to pair with the dishes (if you can’t find a matching one then spray paint will be your BFF).






I hope you guys liked these ideas and are motivated to vamp up your space, or just take better care of your room and place you live in!