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Crystal is currently filming a series lead role in SPACE TV’s original mythological/action series “PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD”. Crystal plays Toby Nance, a young cool PHD scientist who is Evan Crosses##Q##s right hand girl.
Horror and zombie fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Canada##Q##s latest zombie flick: “A Little Bit Zombie”, starring Vancouver actress and one of Hollywood’s most in-demand ‘Scream Queens’, Crystal Lowe. Fresh off winning the award for Best Feature Film at the Canadian Film Fest, and the Gold Remi Award for Best Dark Comedy at the Houston International Film Festival, “A Little Bit Zombie” has become a smash hit on the indie film festival circuit and is headed to theatres for a special weekend event across Canada on May 17-20, 2012.

Aside from her busy acting career, Crystal has gone into business, opening up her own restaurant called Hyde, a Tim Burton inspired room of oddity serving food and drink by leading mixologists that never disappoint. The restaurant is located on Vancouver’s trendy Main Street.
Crystal Lowe was born and raised in Vancouver, and had the opportunity to move with her family to Hong Kong during her adolescent years where she became fluent in Cantonese. She started off her career as a model and won several modeling competitions, and was featured as a centerfold and as a cover model for numerous magazines. She was also a model for the videogames “Need for Speed 2004” and “Fight Night 2004”. She currently splits her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. In her free time, Crystal dedicates time to her family and French Bulldog, Honey. She adores Burlesque and live entertainment which are showcased weekly at her restaurant.


Name one regrettable purchase?

I have a white leather jacket that I spent a very large amount of money on and I think I have worn it once. I am so afraid that I will get it dirty that I never want to wear it anywhere.



Name an item of clothing that you never wear but cannot get rid of?

I still have a pair of jeans that I wore when I was in my very early twenties. I cannot bear to get rid of them because I believe at some point in time they will fit like they used too. Lol


Most desired fashion item right now?

I am looking for a fantastic pair of block color shoes. I love the bold colors that are out right now and I think its even better if they are on my feet lol





Your Guilty shopping pleasure?

I have turned into a bit of a purse junkie, for some reason I feel the need to have a purse for every outfit.



What is your signature accessory?

I would have to say I love big scarf’s that also double as wraps. I LOVE wearing things that make me cute and warm since I am one of those people that is always cold.



What is your favorite Style era?

I would have to say the 40’s. I just love that women really knew how to accentuate the curves of a female body instead of trying to hide it.



What Fashion Trend you would like to see return?

I really enjoyed make-up in the 60’s it was fun and flirty and I miss that look of over the top mascara.


What trend would you never want to see return?

I don’t miss shoulder pads AT ALL, I like to see women looking elegant and sexy and Its very hard to do with massive shoulders.



Best advise to women about style?


Style is ever changing so don’t be afraid to change with it and try new things. Life would be boring if we dressed the same every day.





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