Chic Versatility: Accessories for under $100

Being a fashion stylist has its many perks. One of them being that I get to see a lot of hot and chic trends and pieces before the general public. Here I have compiled a delicious list of fabulous accessories to add to your wish list this coming holiday season. Enjoy!

The Scarf

Of course it##Q##s getting cold and you need a little cute number to put around your neck. Howsabout you toss out that old pashmina you##Q##ve been sporting and spice up your life a bit with these fab neck wraps. They are wool/acrylic blend so it will definitely keep you warm, there is no doubt about that. Even better they are totally cute and come in 4 amazing earth tones.

Irena/Bubbi Neck Scarf $45.00

The Carry-All Clutch

You##Q##ve heard of the carry all tote, the carry all ##Q##it##Q## bag. Now feast your eyes on this baby. A beautiful Canadian label which prides itself on using only the highest quality materials, and their name, Nappa, actually means “soft leather”. Plus with so many little pockets and crevices to keep all your necessities, how can you not have one?  Wait till you get your hands on one, you won##Q##t want to let it go.

Nappa Clutch $75.00
All the wondrous nooks and crannies

Statement Earrings

I love nothing more than statement jewelry. It has been said by many, many fashion insiders that jewelry/accessories can totally transform your outfit from drab to fab, and it##Q##s a piece of advice I live by.

Check out these great pieces designed and handmade by yours truly. All hematite and silver plated beads.

LW Designs Hematite Earrings, $15 Bracelet, $18

The Belt

Yet another piece I swear by. A good belt can, quite literally, pull it all together. What##Q##s more, is you can really go all out with belts. No more of the whole “Make sure your match your shoes with your belt” business. Feel free to mix it up a bit.

Elise M Belts, from $50-$70

The Chic Hat

To top it all off, beautiful hand made, feathers and all hats by Honey Love Designs (what an adorable name!). 100% Merino Wool and real peacock feathers, these fab hats will be sure to keep you warm and looking cute all winter long!

Honey Love Designs, $69

So there you have it ladies and gents. The perfect additions to your fall/winter 2010 wardrobe.

Stay tuned for more fabulous additions!


Lindsey W

*All products available exclusively at Lut Boutique.

Posted by Noel Bentley

Creator of Assignment Fashion.