C’est la vie

As sad as it is, yes it is almost time for fall. Although it seems as though we just began our summer a few short weeks ago, here in the fashion world we waste not a moment.

I am very excited to talk about fall fashion… the boots and scarves, coats and handbags. However this couldn’t be a better time to get your hands on some last minute summer finds for next season. All the local boutiques and shops, big or small, are preparing to make space for fall, er go – sale time.

I know how bombarded most of you feel when you walk into H&M during a sale – the madness! You probably just turn around, walk away, and say you will come back later. Alas, this is why I am here, to make all your fashion worries and woes easier to take on.

Usually the best time to go to a sale is when it first begins. Get there as early as you possibly can to get your hands on the good stuff. However don’t get carried away. You want to buy wisely, to save your money and get the most for it.

Good things to look for: simple classic shorts (ie: denim, linen, or silk), tank tops, sandals, bathing suits, cute dresses, and light cardigans.

The key is to get things that you know you will still wear next summer. Don’t buy into trends that are now, you don’t want to be caught dead wearing harem pants when they are from 3 seasons back. So just stick with the classics, solid colors, good quality fabrics.

In the next few weeks I will be posting sales at your favorite retail and boutiques around Vancouver and the lower mainland and when they are, so stay tuned to get the best deals.

Some great places to check out now: H&M Pacific Centre, Urban Outfitters Granville, Zara, Lut Boutique Main St, Front & Co Main St.





Posted by Noel Bentley

Creator of Assignment Fashion.