Celeb Style: Jacob Blair


Celeb Style: Jacob Blair

Questions by Tybie Lipetz @Tybielipetz

In the four years that Jacob has been working professionally he has been fortunate to work with actors Thandie Newton, Aaron Ashmore, Lucy Hale, Ty Olsson John Cusack, Lyndsy Fonseca, Scott Patterson, Dan Byrd, Adhir Kalyan, Lindsey Shaw, Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Brian Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Maury Sterling, Adrien Brody, Michael Ealy, Billy Ray Cyrus and Liam Neeson to name a few.  He sincerely feels it has been a privilege and has enjoyed working and learning from all of them.

Jacob has been busy since he started acting professionally four years ago.  He has worked on the feature films “Day The Earth Stood Still” (2008), “2012” (2009), “Christmas in Canaan” (2009), “Smokin Aces 2: Assassin’s Ball” (2010), “Hot Tub Time Machine” (2010), “The A-Team” (2010) and “Wrecked” (2010).  On the small screen Jacob’s first television series was the CW Network’s “Aliens in America”

Favorite role to date was Dan Archer, a wise cracking, belittling, bullying antagonist in “Aliens in America.” He has also had recurring roles on the television series “SGU: Stargate Universe” and “V”.

Next up Jacob will be seen on the big screen in the latest installment of the Underworld saga: “Underworld Awakening.” He plays Officer Kolb, a rookie detective, paired with veteran Detective Sebastian (Michael Ealy).  They are given the task to get to the bottom of the Lycan/Vampire war that has brought humankind into the mix. “Underworld Awakening” will be released in theatres January 20, 2012.








What are the top 3 must haves in your closet?

– Buffalo Slim Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans, Jockey V Neck Stretch T shirt, Slim Tailored Suit


What’s your go-to outfit?

– I like to keep it casual – Jeans, V neck t-shirt, Bullboxer Cream Leather boots


What’s your go-to store?

– Buffalo, Guess, The Bay


Who’s your favourite designer?

– Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss


Are you effected by trends? Are there any trends at the moment you love or hate?

– Not really effected by trends, I just like to wear what I think goes well together. Sometimes I hate fashion trends, othertimes I pick and choose what I like within each look. I don##Q##t think I have ever fully worn a set look.


What advice would you give to young women/men trying to find their personal style?

– Whatever hits you when you first look at it. If you say “Yup, that looks great.” don##Q##t question it, wear it.


What’s your opinion of fashion magazines? Do you read them?

– I just don##Q##t read them. I only find out what##Q##s in style by going into stores.


What was your favourite style decade? (grunge, hippy, 40’s, …)

– The 30##Q##s I like the idea of wearing a well cut suit for everyday business.


What does style mean to you?

– It##Q##s a bit of a reflection to your personality, but it doesn##Q##t define who you are. It just gives people a taste of what they##Q##re in for when they approach you.


Do you dress for yourself or for others (ie: your man or work)?

– Myself. If I don##Q##t like a fashion that everyone is wearing, I won##Q##t wear it. After all, I##Q##m the one who needs to be comfortable.


How has your personal style changed over the years?

– Well, being a child I wore what my Mom dressed me in. Then I dressed like a kid through my teen years. Young adulthood – I wore what I wanted as I was tired of trying to keep up with what people thought looked good. It##Q##s been an adaptive style.


What do you think about the way men/women dress in this city? Do you find Vancouver’s style different from other cities you’ve been to or lived in?

-It depends what section of the city you##Q##re in, but I mostly find people are dressing hipster-trendy/artistic throw back to the 70##Q##s. Not my personal style, but seems kinda cool. Vancouver is a little more laid back. You can get away with more here.




Have you ever felt pressured to look a certain way? Why? What did you do about it?

– Never


Do you think fashion and trends are affected by media? Is this a good thing?

– Big time. It can be a good thing as it may spawn a good look, but mostly it##Q##s all hype (and expensive).


What do you think about the Yoga craze in Vancouver? Would we ever find you out for lunch in yoga pants?

– I like it. I don##Q##t do much yoga, but I wear the gear for working out. Have been caught by friends many times wearing yoga pants


How would you describe your city’s style?

– A little more business oriented, but still has it##Q##s sections of eclectic looks.


How would you describe your style?

– My own


What’s your favourite accessory?

– a watch




How do you like to dress for the Red Carpet?

– Suit


How do you like a woman to dress?

– Sleek and alluring


Do you have any ‘beauty’/self care or fashion tips for men?

– Don##Q##t buy any men care products. You##Q##re a guy!


Have you ever had a mani/pedi or gone for a facial? Why or why not?

– Yes. My wife dragged me in for a manicure/pedicure once. I don##Q##t know if I##Q##ll go again.




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