Casual Winter Party Outfit

The weather continues to get colder and winter festivities are on their way. However, I have always found it hard to put together a fashionable party outfit while ensuring I stay warm enough. If the event you plan on attending has a coat check then consider yourself lucky. But with the temperature dropping outside I find that even indoor events can get a little chilly. I used to constantly struggle between either staying warm or wearing the perfect ensemble, but recently I came across the perfect solution. While reading the November issue of Elle magazine over a cup of hot cocoa I spotted a photo of a woman wearing a cozy sweater over top of her dress, and somehow she made it look fantastic. So now I will let you in on my tips for achieving the look:

1) The style works best with a shapeless and slightly longer dress.

2) It will look better if the sweater is not too form fitting and its neckline covers the neckline of the dress underneath.

3) You can totally pull off this look with a cropped sweater too.

I found some great pieces that show off the style really well. I paired the look with flat ankle boots and a scarf for some added warmth and comfort.

And voila here is the look………..




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Wilfred Free Sweater:

Oak + Fort Dress:

Noul Scarf:

Zara Ankle Boots:

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair: