Cameron Mathison Style Interview

Cameron Mathison is from Sarnia, Ontario and has graced the screen in both TV and movie productions. He made his feature film debut in a movie called 54,  opposite Salma Hayek and Ryan Phillippe. He followed up this role with an independent movieWashed Up, and a feature film, The Surrogate, which was released in 2013. As a man of many talents Mathison is a featured contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight. He appeared on the fifth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars where he advanced all the way to week nine.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Cameron while he was filming The Bedroom Sessions in Vancouver. I wanted to ask him about his style because of all the unique roles he plays in movies, TV, and in his personal life. Cameron is a husband and also the father of two beautiful children, so he has a “family style”. Additionally, he is an Emmy nominated actor, so he has a “hollywood style”. And lastly he works as a TV host, so he has a “professional style”. Depending on the gig Cameron has the ability to sport many different looks, so he is a bit of a chameleon.

Cameron is now the Host of W’s new home improvement show Game of Homes where teams revive houses that are about to be torn down. Game of Homes premieres this Tuesday night (March 17) at 10pm.

Photo by Todd Duncan

What are the top 3 must haves in your closet?

A tailored slim fitting dress shirt, nice dark jeans, and a well tailored jacket.


What’s your go-to outfit?

For work it’s the answer from the last question, but for everyday here in LA it’s a comfortable but well-fitting, t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops.


What’s your go-to store?

Lately I have been impressed with Zara. They have come a long way and have some great slim fitting shirts and suits. Their fabrics have some stretch in them which makes the clothes so much more comfortable and functional. They literally fit me right off the rack so I like that too. Super affordable as well.


Who’s your favourite designer?

Definitely John Varvatos. Awesome. Rock and Roll cool with class.


Are there any trends at the moment you love or hate?

Love the vest in mens fashion. Nice jeans, fitted dress shirt, loose tie with a well-tailored vest looks great on camera.


What advice would you give to young men trying to find their personal style?

Hmmmm… not sure I’m one to give advice, but I would say just look at tons of images and you will see a pattern of the ones that stand out to your eye and start there. Also, never be afraid of putting your own personal touch to what you see in the magazines or online.




What’s your opinion of fashion magazines? Do you read them? Would you let your daughter read them?

I do let my daughter read them and she enjoys looking at the different styles. My wife was a model for over 20 years so maybe it runs in the family. I check out the occasional magazine as well. It helps me know what I like and don’t like and keeps me current.


What was your favorite style decade? (Grunge, hippy, 40’s)

Hippy for sure. I love when my wife dresses a bit hippyish. Sexy.


What does style mean to you?

I guess an expression of yourself. Whatever that means to you.


Do you have any beauty or fashion tips you’d like to share?

Tailor and alter your clothes to your body. Sounds obvious and maybe it’s just because I’m on camera and I see the difference, but it’s night and day.


How has your personal style changed over the years?

Comfort is more important now than when I was young. I try to stay fashionable but choose cuts, designs, and fabrics that I can really be myself in. I am an active guy and running around a lot so comfort is right up there in priority with the style itself.