BUN helps Japan with Aijou

BUN helps Japan with “Aijou”


Carola BUN, like all of us, was devastated by the recent events in Japan and felt the same helplessness we all do in during these crisis##Q##s, so Carola and her team (BUN Enterprises) came up with a heart warming way to help.  “AIJOU”     a necklace created to help the children of Japan, AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE ON MARCH 17TH and 100% of all proceeds go to help the children of this crisis.


BUN Enterprises has teamed up with Save the Children to give our contributions and donations from The “Aijou” necklace to the “Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund”. “Aijou” means love in Japanese; Together let##Q##s send the BUN blessing of love and kindness across the water to the children of Japan.




House of BUN



Also, please follow the link for more images and information regarding Aijou: HERE


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