BRB Skinny Jeans

It’s the third week of the new season, the sun has finally decided to grace us with its existence and it finally dawned on me as I sit out here, finishing my second Shirley Temple, what is the trend to try for spring 2015? Anna Wintour herself said trend is a dirty word… if you don’t mind getting dirty then continue reading below.

We’re cleaning our closets for spring and it has us finally stowing away our parkas, beanies and wool hats. We can throw in our pairs of skinnies into that mix for they are taking a much needed break! The new shape that offers us ladies to play around with are culottes. To a time where ankles were to be shielded from wandering eyes we’re showing off our ankles this time around! It’s that intake of breath and widening of our eyes that photographed models wearing culottes cause. Will that look good on me?

The wider cut is what has me biting my lower lip in anticipation. Culottes aren’t constricting, it’s lighthearted yet mischievous. It can be worn for any occasion, dress it up or dress it down. With the similarities of an A-line skirt enhance the waist by wearing a crop top, it gives the illusion of a slimmer figure! Not feeling it? Tuck the shirt in. Watch out for the hem line, it can literally make or break the outfit however we also want the spot light on our shoes too!

If you are a tiny girl like me it really is going to be hard to pull it off however don’t let your height affect your decisions of wearing them. Wear heels, I mean heels really do fix any kind of problem in my opinion. Unless you’re a leggy gal they are not necessary, different forms of footwear are optional—I am a little bit distorted when it comes to a pair of heels. I say this with a smile!

Denim, high-waist, floral-print, pleated or mesh culottes you decide.

Written by Melissa Rei:




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