Best Vancouver Hangouts

Having lived in Vancouver almost my entire life, I’ve had the opportunity to explore different neighbourhoods and most parts of the city. Here is a little guide to some of the spots I love and think you might like too. Maybe you’ll cross paths with me if you dare to give one of them a try…

1) Duchesse Vintage

Duchesse is my favourite spot for interesting vintage pieces. They have a great selection for both women and men. Duchesse sells mostly apparel, but they also carry amazing vintage indie-style rugs, like something you would see in a room décor photo on Pinterest, and other cool things too. There are many vintage stores in Vancouver, but Duchesse has always stood out to me because they have such an immaculately curated selection of products. Their pieces are always on trend and every time I walk in at least 10 items immediately catch my eye.



2) L’ Abattoir

Tucked away in Gaolers Mews is an amazing little restaurant called L’Abattoir. I love going there for brunch and cocktails followed by a short jaunt around my favourite Gastown shops. The atmosphere is calm and there are huge windows surrounding the joint that let in tons of natural light during those sunny early Vancouver afternoons. The Steelhead Salad is my go-to on the brunch menu.



3) Café Brixton

Chinatown is one of my favourite areas in Vancouver. One of my best friends lives there and she is constantly introducing me to hidden gems in the area like Café Brixton. Café Brixton is a super chill place to order drinks and catch up with friends. I especially love their Red Sangria and White Russian beverages. They have a great beer selection too. Usually Café Brixton is not too busy, so you can easily have a conversation there without straining your ears. Plus, the atmosphere is A+ and I love the big windows and brick architecture at the front.



4) Revolver

Revolver is quite possibly one of the coolest coffee shops in the city and their Instagram page is proof of that. I’m more of a simpleton when it comes to coffee, so I usually opt for a classic (but quality) Americano. Feel free to order something fancier though because the baristas here are coffee experts. If you want a day to chill, work on your computer, and people watch some of Vancouver’s most dedicated hipsters, then Revolver is the place for you.



5) Hey Jude Shop

Hey Jude is a company that sells new and reworked vintage pieces and accessories. I love their selection of Rachel Saunders ceramics, reworked Calvin Klein jeans, denim shorts, skirts, etc. Each season they stick with current trends and offer a variety of unique pieces. Their shop started as a pop up and now they have made a home at their permanent location. Hey Jude’s social media and store is aesthetically pleasing and very well organized. Even if you’re not looking to buy clothes, the shop sells a beautiful curation of other products and knick-knacks as well.