All The Things You Know

All The Things You Know

Monotony can be just as interesting as intricacy. A strange statement, but easily justified by a style like this. A look of distinct minimalism, it takes inspired creativity to make something so simple so exciting. The monochrome palette leaves room for other details to be the focus, like the soft texture of the cozy charcoal coat. The cinched waist gives shape, while the asymmetric hem adds another level of charm. Understated twists make statement pieces stand out.


Black and white stripes complement the look without taking away from its simplicity. The slant is unusual, another feature that enhances the uniqueness of the outfit. Black leggings, a clear favourite of fashion lovers in our city, are an easy foundation for any outfit. The same can be said about black leather boots, a universal essential. These boots in particular are soft and slouchy, rather simple with a little sex appeal. Very classic.


The lime green sun glasses present the only colour in the outfit. It is interesting that such a small accent should stand out so much, but with a look that is all about the details it fits. It cannot be stressed enough how well the look comes together. The perfect balance of simplicity and complexity, every element seems perfectly thought out. The exaggeration of the minimal has been wholly achieved.


Who: Jen
Age: 20
Where: Vancouver
Where from: Victoria
Why: “Why not?”

–          Coat – Free – Mama##Q##s closet

–          Boots – Aerosols – 100$

–          Sunglasses – Market in Turkey -7$




Simple as pie<3



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