AF Personality Series Presents: Dawn Chubai

AF Personality Series Presents: Dawn Chubai


AF##Q##s goal with our local personalities series is to showcase the sheer amount of ##Q##true##Q## talent Vancouver has at any given time. A person that makes a difference whether it be in entertainment, politics or an everyday hero is always an interest to the public and deserves to be featured in our series.


On Feb 25th 2011 Assignment Fashion sat down with local TV personality and entertainer Dawn Chubai. Dawn is best known for City TV’s morning show, ‘Breakfast Television’ that she co-hosts with Riaz Meghji, newscaster Mark Docherty and Traffic master Michel McDermott.


Dawn is wrapping her 7th year with City TV and the last 2 years have brought the additional responsibility of Co-Hosting the show as well as presenting the weather. Dawn is also a West Coast Correspondent for their National Show, CityLine.


Most mornings I need a gong or a bucket of water to wake me up but for Dawn


“getting up at 4am is not my favorite part but working on Breakfast Television is THE coolest job ever, get to meet interesting people and every day has a fresh start and a clean slate. I am so fortunate people invite us into their homes every morning. It really is a privilege.”


Dawn’s approach ensures her audience stays entertained and informed which is the perfect mix is for morning Television.


When asked about her Favorite interview since coming to Vancouver was. Dawn’s answer was diplomatic, (as a good host should be) but honest.


“There are almost too many (great interviews) to mention, the “everyday people” I meet are just as interesting and cool as the celebs, but I just recently interviewed Tosca Reno, she changed her whole life and body at 40 – a true inspiration. One of my most interesting albeit scary days would have to be rappelling down a 20 storey building dressed as Catwoman for the Easter Seals Drop Zone. After doing that (and in latex to boot), I knew I could do anything!”


We asked co-host Riaz Meghji to give AF one of his  “Dawn moments” was and this is what he gave us,


“One of my favorite moments comes during the 2010 Olympic Games. Dawn and I were hosting BT from Robson Square and performed in the 1st ever Host Capades seen on the morning show. We both laced up the skates, I had my skating guard for dramatic purpose and although there were no double toe loops, our awkward swan like moves dazzled the bewildered children in attendance.”


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Dawn Chubai - Vancouver

Photos by Toranj Kayvon


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Dawn Chubai - Toranj Kayvon

Photos by Toranj Kayvon

Dawn Chubai, co-host of BT Vancouver and CityLine, aims to lose weight with the help of PGX. For 26 weeks Dawn will follow a customized PGX program developed by the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine (more info here).

We asked Dawn about this and instead of writing a fancy section I thought I would let dawn’s thoughtful answer speak for themselves.


Why do this project –


“l just noticed I wasn##Q##t feeling as energetic and as in shape as I did a few years back. As I approach 40, I was worried that I was getting off track when it came to my own health and wellness. It is interesting though, even when I was younger, I thought I needed to lose weight and now, as I look back at photos of myself in my 20##Q##s I just wish I had the figure and the metabolism I had then! We should all accept and love our younger self a little more.”


How has it been physically/mentally since starting –


“There is a lot more pressure when I know our fans from Breakfast Television and CityLine and joining me on this journey. The best thing about this project is that it is about what people (me included) can do over the long term. It has to fit with my busy lifestyle. it has to be sustainable. Knowing that it##Q##s not a race, but rather a marathon helps keep things in perspective.”


Have you noticed changes in the first 6 weeks –


“Biggest thing for me has been keeping my blood sugar levels in check. The schedule I have can be quite demanding and I used to go for several hours without even eating breakfast. That doesn##Q##t happen anymore. I am also feeling motivated by the way my clothing is fitting! Viewers have said they notice the weight loss in my face.”


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Dawn Chubai - Toranj Kayvon

Photos by Toranj Kayvon


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Dawn Chubai - Toranj Kayvon

Photos by Toranj Kayvon

Dawn has also appeared in a few feature films, as an anchor (stretch I know) in films such as Twilight Eclipse and the currently filming, MI4.

On her role in Twilight Eclipse Dawn said,


“They are all quite similar, but I was excited to have a role in Twilight Eclipse. What made this one different is that they let me use my own name! Because I was labeled as a “CNN Reporter” they actually had to send my tape to CNN for approval since I would represent their brand. Cool eh?”

Very cool indeed.


Some of you may not know this about Dawn, but she is an accomplished vocalist. After entering the Edmonton jazz scene, Dawn quickly gained a reputation as a talented and passionate singer, performing with award-winning musicians in Canada and international venues. Dawn independently released her debut CD, New Chapters for an Old Book, and was recognized by the Alberta Recording Industry Association (ARIA) as the Best Jazz Artist of 1999.         (source
Have your recorded any new albums since your award winning debut album? –


“I am embarrassed to say…no.”


How did you get into Jazz as opposed to pop or something similar-


“I used to sing in a pop and rock band, performing at weddings and a couple of clubs, but always loved the Jazz Genre and decided to make that the focus my solo performances . I love taking a song that everyone knows and that has been recorded by some of the greatest singers of all time and adding my own spin to them. My perfect arrangement has a bit of “funk” to it.”


She still performs under her own name with some of the best musicians in Vancouver. Dawn also is a guest vocalist for the Dal Richards Orchestra. Her next big gig with them will be on June 8 at the Orpheum as Dal has been invited to perform with the VSO! Local Fashion Designer Malene Grotrian has agreed to dress her for the occasion.


“I can##Q##t wait – I am definitely living the dream!”



Assignment Fashion Thanks Dawn for coming in and talking to us and welcome her back any time.


Story: Noel Bentley


Photography: Toranj Kayvon
Stylist: Claudia Da Ponte

Make-up and Hair: Brianna Errelat Brianna##Q##s Make up Page

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