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Adam Hendrik Russcher’s Jewelry

Adam Hendrik Russcher’s Jewelry




This is a true story of how passion for life helped alleviate an addiction and a new love for jewelry design that has been its result. This piece is Adam##Q##s story Edited by myself from questions I sent him.

“Adam, I am doing a shoot on Tuesday and I’m going to feature all your stuff, plus it’s going onto a big fashion blog.”

This note from Vancouver Fashion Photographer Toranj Kayvon and came just last week as did a few other offers very close together, too ridiculous! So, I thought someone was just yanking my chain! This shit just never happens to me!
But I decided to jump at the chance to work with my friend Toranj. I’ve been waiting for a force of nature to propel my work out into the world in a stunning way, so this was perfect.
My first conversation with Toranj this year had nothing to do with jewelry, but about a new and revolutionary way to help suffering and drug addicted people and about this wonderful root bark extraction called Ibogaine. I took a chance talking about this as I might be seen as crazy, but my words were wonderfully received.
My 10 + year addiction to morphine and various perceived psychiatric disturbances were lifted with Ibogaines’ help and with conversations with new Friends and loved ones. All through the holiday season I felt, light, happy and playful. The guilt, shame and doubt have lifted and im altogether a new person with the opportunity of never going backwards again! A few months before Christmas, I was thinking about not making jewelry any more. Other things felt much more important. Life was open now and anything could happen, people and their energy were becoming more important to me than anything. This collaboration was so easy to fall into a “freefall into fun and beauty” if you will and the timing was just right and my new found energy was very high, the possibilities unknown and that is awesome!


Making jewelry was never my first choice but came as an alternative due to the limitations I faced wanting to work withmy first love, large metal sculptures. So I fiddled around with small wire and copper sheets, it was easy to do, cheap and in my lazy way I could do this while watching TV or just listening to music.
My Father, being an architect, would point out things like composition, texture and contrast. He seemed to be happy with most of my stuff and would give me a few pointers when I needed them and then let me carry on my own. This is how I started, it seemed to look and feel like jewelry, so what to do now? 8 yrs ago I tried an experiment; I took my work out onto commercial drive to unveil some of my pieces.

Toranj Kayvon

Toranj Kayvon


I had a lot of interesting conversations and at the end of the day a woman bought a necklace, and matching earrings for $25, not a bad start. When I look back on these pieces it was obvious to others, but not to me that I had skills and crazy creativity. Those pieces were up to scratch with anything that you will see in the photos of my new work photographed by Toranj. Inspiration comes from so many placed for me, the most unusual being my dreams. During which I often stroll through metal galleries, looking in awe at the amazing stuff, saying “I wish I could do things like that!”. I attribute alot of my work from this strange and weird place…I can remember certain pieces and as I am a lucid Dreamer, I can spend more time observing details and bring them back with me when I awake. Nature is another one of my inspirations and can be seen through out all my work.



Liz Abbott was my first teacher and I would spend Sunday afternoons in her studio. I would learn the basics as I already had the ideas, but she helped me execute from concept to a finished product. My next move was to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I studied Silver smithing intensively for 3 Months with a father and son team, named Lopez. I worked closely with the Father who often said “your pieces are Elegant, but a little crude at times” So he showed me the many ways I could use a baseball bat to shape silver.


This was old school Mexican Silver smithing for sure! This was pretty much concluded my formal training and the rest, well that was all on my own.Looking to the future, I really have no idea at the moment . I haven##Q##t even seen the photos yet ! i forgot to give toranj several other pieces, shit they are sitting before me , glowing, beautiful, ready, wanting desperatly to have their photos taken.


I often read poetry to my pieces, Rumi is there favorite and in turn they sing to me so sweet with an Angelic quality. I have no worries about this continued jewelery improvisation I will let it take me where it will, I now have friends to guide me in my metal madness.


I am looking forward to taking some more classes in engraving and stone setting, I would love the opportunity to start doing large metal works too, so we will see stay tuned. My large copper panel work is coming along just fine and the Dreaming continues. My many heart felt thanks to Muriel D of Mukado boutique, I will go wherever you go! You have believed in me for so long and I appreciate that. Thank you Toranj for all this fun, excitement and support…Bless you! Your ##Q##immortality smoothies##Q## really did the trick ! Have you picked out your ring yet ? (:
All my Love AHR….Dancing Metal Designs

Adam##Q##s  work was showcased in a recent photoshoot by AF photo contributer Toranj Kayvon and will be posted in the coming days on the site.

Contact me at to get ordering and contact information for this one of a kind artist.

Photos: Toranj Kayvon

Story: Noel Bentley

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