Accessories and Accents:

It’s all about the accessories:

As a lover of accessories, I am a true believer that they can make or break an outfit. They are a great way to tie pieces together, or create a visual theme.


Accesories and Accents
A simple outfit can be transformed by the right accessories. Photographer: Eric JW Li


Mixing in a fun novelty cat purse and this gorgeous chunky gold necklace by Maison Antonym, this outfit manages to be classy yet fun and bang on trend. This is achieved just by adding a few key pieces, proving accessories really can make an outfit.


Dom Outfit 1 Headshot
This stunning necklace by Maison Antonym really brings the wow factor!


Layering rings gives beautiful texture.


A great look is all about the details.


Who doesn’t want a kitty purse?! Novelty fun purses are a great trend to add to you wardrobe this season.


Accessories and Accents – Get the look:

Hat Hive Mind Millinery
Necklace & Rings : Maison Antonym
Purse: Jennyfleur Loves
Hosiery H&M

Photographer: Eric JW Li


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