How to Outsmart Cloudburts

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Although fall seems to promise a majority of sunshine-filled days, those sneaky daytime cloudburts always sense your most optimistic outfits. The brother duo Daniel and Markus Freitag designed practical pieces for those exact surprises. Even though these brothers are from Zurich, us Vancouverites can definitely relate, eh?

All these bags are constructed of pre-loved truck tarps, seat belts, bicycle inner tubes and recycled airbags. Their simply proven to outsmart the rain! Check out the Freitag##Q##s website at The layout, reminiscent of LeSportsac, features the shape of the bag, as the fabric is unique to each and every purchase.

If the rainy day concern hasn’t convinced you, take a look at … Meine Lieblingstasche! [my fav bag]


Definitely the super slick ipad sleeves. Although the leather cases are classic, they’re a little overkill (in more than one way). Kick it up with an original Freitag design.

I also can##Q##t resist this down to earth envelope macbook case. Now if only I had a mac I could slip into it…

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  1. OMG! I totally water damage my ipod. LOL! xD I think imma get one cuz they sooooo colourful and pretty ^__^

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