5 Reasons to Celebrate Business Women in Vancouver


On September 25th, Socialettes Media Inc. will launch their premiere event, XpoCity Vancouver, at the Four Seasons Hotel from 4pm to 10pm. XpoCity celebrates Vancouver female leaders and Canadian businesswomen driving success in the workforce.

“American Business Women’s Day is recognized on September 22nd to reflect upon the contributions and achievements of women in the workforce. Canadian women have made strides in local and global markets that are worth acknowledgment and deserve a day to celebrate their journey to success,” co-founder Prianka Dhir explains.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Business Women in Vancouver

We take our diversity as a sign of strength: Vancouver women in business have found strength in their diverse cultural, educational and life experiences. Whether it is looking to their communities for support, raising ethnic and traditional issues in favor of helping the modern working woman, or providing advice and mentorship to others, Vancouver women find a way to make their experiences and heritage another reason for their success, as opposed to their reason for failure.

We find ways to empower each other: With over 20 professional development and networking groups to choose from, Vancouver women have the ability to choose one that best suits them. Professional groups have been created to allow women to make connections to help grow their business, find their support networks and to surround themselves with other like-minded professionals. Influential women have also been recognized in the community for their contribution to creating a more empowered tomorrow. Events celebrating Leading MomsInfluential Women in BusinessCanada’s Most Powerful Women – Top 100, and Women of Distinction to name a few are held in Vancouver to honor the contributions of tenacious, fearless female leaders in our city.

We speak our mind: Some of the most powerful voices in the city are female. We listen to our Vancouver women in the news, on the radio and read their blogged words with a sense of respect and reliance. Anyone in particular come to mind? We can name more than a few.

  • Rebecca Bollwitt: @Miss604
  • Tamara Taggart: @tamarataggart
  • Patricia Graham: @patriciagraham
  •  Erin Ireland: @erinireland
  • Jillian Harris: @jillianharris

We tackle every industry – In Vancouver, we can find women of influence in every category, from politics and community to science and medicine. With more women joining industries that were once mostly male-dominated such as finance, sports, the health sector, or even the start-up community, more and more women are cracking the glass ceiling on their way to the top.

We have earned our credit – Female-owned small and medium-sized enterprises have grown at an exponential rate in recent years. Today, more than 570,000 people are working in women-owned businesses, and 2.6 million people are employed by firms with some level of ownership by women (Government of Canada, 2014). Our entrepreneurs, CEOs, political leaders and key decision makers in the community have set records, changed industry landscapes, set higher standards and set the stage for global recognition.

“Finding women of strength as mentors has given us inspiration, advice and more belief in what we can achieve as women in business,” states co-founder Sonal Haria.

With women such as Bonnie Sainsbury – named 2013 Forbes Top Women Social Media Power Influencers, Shelly Lynn Nellis Founder of Fresh Magazine and Canadian actress Zahra Anderson attending the event, XpoCity delivers an evening featuring industry professionals, local businesses, a book signing by Vancouver author Megan Williams of Our Interrupted Fairytale, and complimentary beauty services, food sampling and pampering. Purchase tickets and find the full list of exhibitors at xpocity.ca.

For additional information, please visit xpocity.ca or call Prianka at 604-722-5746.

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