Black and White and Blue All Over

The prominence of monotone separates is expected and inevitable. They are so useful in creating a look, as they can easily be manipulated and accessorized to make a statement. And although an outfit consisting solely of different shades is notably fashionable, a touch of colour really spikes a stylish summer look.

Simple and classic, pale blue adds a lovely pop of colour. In contrast to the ever-popular black and white, blue comes off as crisp, clean and fresh. Although it is possible that a boho necklace and skinny belt call out aspects of downtown, these particular looks are more light and airy than busy city. Almost nautical in presence, the stripes play off the neutral accessories to pull the look together, without taking away from the effortless essence of aloof street style.  Even the contrasting textures and rich browns of the back-pack produce a sense of the out-doors. Although appropriate for school, the office or otherwise, the look nonchalantly screams for the ocean.

Essentially, all that’s required to complete the look are tall sails, salt water and a sea breeze.

Who: Justine Sandhu
Age: 22
Where: SFU Burnaby
Where From: Vancouver
Why: “I’m addicted to stripes and light coloured denim for this Spring/Summer season.

— Shoes – “A store in London, England that I cannot recall.”

— Black Tights – My mother’s

— Striped Shirt  – H&M

— Necklace – H&M

— Denim Shirt – Cheap Monday

Who: Jenn P.
Age: 22
Where: SFU Burnaby
Where From: Vancouver
Why: “I’m a sucker for anything kimono-ish or bat wing.”
— Shoes- Urban Outfitters

— Filson Backpack – The Block

— Black Pencil Skirt – American Apparel

— Fluxus T-shirt – Two of a Few

— Eryn Brinie Jacket – Vincent Park

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