Frost yourself!

Frost yourself!


Recently I have realized and become to appreciate the power accessories can have on an outfit, whether it’s the power to complement an outfit or ruin it. Just like a cake without frosting is incomplete, or a book without its covers so is an outfit without accessories. I find that especially winter outfits require a lot of accessories to enhance an outfit or add character, but jewelery is a must for any season.


Ideally, we’d all have a set of jewelery for each and every outfit and a different outfit each time and so on. But that’s greedy, impossible and we’d not have a favorite black dress or a favorite necklace and we’d not appreciate our belongings and it would end up being just stuff.


So, I’ve started to option out for bold, unique jewelery and it definitely saves time dressing up. Though, the best part of only having a few carefully selected pieces is, it eliminates the choice dilemma and I appreciate those few pieces much more. I even named my newly acquired necklace in which I’m in love with Oliver.




It was hard work finding Oliver. I had in my mind what I wanted. As with everything, when you’re looking for something specific, it’s difficult to find. After thoroughly scavenging countless shops in various areas in this great city for a couple of weeks I almost gave up and settled for something close to what I had in mind. Luckily I hadn’t because I found Oliver right in front of my door, well, a couple of blocks away from my door, in Kitislano, the last place I turned over in my quest, in a store called Shine.


The necklace has a mid-length, bronze chain with an owl on a twig hanging of it with two cute black dots as its eyes and the head is not fixed, it can move left and right and look up and down.


My other beloved jewelery piece it an oversize round, shield-like ring. I came across it a few months back in a sale box in Australia. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it definitely is love now. It’s bronze with black dints over the surface of the shield. I usually wear it on my left index finger so it overlaps my middle finger.


So far I’ve had great times with Oliver and the shield and both have led to entertaining conversations and hilarious incidents.

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