My ‘Fossil’ Satchel

My ##Q##Fossil##Q## Satchel

Months upon months of mine have been spent going in and out of handbag shops unsatisfied, thats correct unsatisfied. I have been looking for the perfect brown leather satchel, but I have unfortunately not been able to find one. Until I walked into Fossil and was greeted by twenty or so different designs of brown leather satchels. Of course I ended up in the mens section because the satchel I was looking for was to carry my MacBook Pro in to University.


I wanted something stylish, vintage looking, sexy but at the same time a little masculine. After procrastinating for a good half an hour I finally decided on this dark brown 17##Q## inch satchel. I was absolutely over the moon that I had finally found exactly what I wanted, I had spent countless tim describing to shop attendants what I wanted with no luck on my side.



Fossil is located in all large shopping centres as a stand alone store, but there is also a Fossil section in David Jones, this gives you even more chances to check it out, they really do have beautiful leather goods, thats a rare find!
This satchel set me back around $349, but in my opinion it is worth every penny I had to save to get it, as I am going to be using it almost everyday at University, this is definitely a solid investment for me. It is a small price us ladies have to pay to look stylish while walking the streets of Melbourne.

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