Waiting In The Sun

Straying from the more put together looks, today’s post is rough, grungy and still fantastically stylish. Crass vs. Class, this look epitomizes the use of contrast with such an off-kilter balance that it cannot be ignored. The one loose under layer escaping the skin tight armour stands out, yet it is the covering layers that really project this cares-to-the-wind fashion.

The class is offered as tasteful items like the flawless white headscarf. When mixed with casual sneakers, woolly socks and a plethora of rips and tears, the contrast is obvious. Yet the distinction is so blatant that the coarse details come undoubtedly from act of creativity rather than a simple case of sartorial negligence. The scarf and the sunglasses also complement each other well. It gives the look a Jackie O. in the gutter sort of vibe; of glamour and filth.

Keep in mind wool socks are a tremendous trend right now, not to mention that they are warm and comfortable. Cheap enough and easy to find, they bring the proletariat to the head of contemporary fashion.

The only colour in the entire outfit comes from the outermost shell, the denim jacket. Fitted, almost shrunken, it pulls the look together. Its tight fit gives this style a sense of control, rather than haphazard mess of cloth and what not. Aside from the touch of blue, the neutral shades of black and grey act as an easy backdrop for nonchalant inspiration.

Who: Iggi F.

Age: 20

Where: Vancouver

Where from: Victoria

Why: “Because I can bike, dance, jump, and sleep in this, but mostly because I’m not allowed to be naked.”


– Scarf: Gift
– Dress: Value Village – $7
– Shirt: Value Village – $2
– Leggings: Costco – Unknown
– Sweater: Value Village – Unknown
– Jean Jacket: Value Village – Unknown
– Woolly Socks: Marks Work Warehouse – Gift
– Shoes: Thrift shop across from the Naam – $5.25
– Sunglasses: A pharmacy in London – $15.

Always waiting for the next inspiration<3<3<3

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