Mikhael Kale SS13


This week I decided to feature my favorite Canadian designer Mikhael Kale. Born in St. Martins and currently residing in Toronto, this designer is taking fashion to a whole new level and will put Canada on the map for high fashion. As quick as Kale takes us on a whimsical and romantic story with his collection, elements of his designs adds an edge to a traditional silhouette.


What made his collection so special in my eyes is his ability to draw my eyes to the garment while the details kept me there.

Jim Perkins – International man of Mystery.



1. Tell me a bit about yourself…about you, your business and/or what you like to do with your time.


I’m originally from Wales but I##Q##ve had the privilege of living in many different countries around the world and that##Q##s why my accent appears to be a fusion of a Welsh dialect with British and Australian influences.
I grew up in the construction industry as my father owned a successful company in Europe and I learned the ropes from a young age on the end of a shovel. I think the hard labour of my childhood helps me to better understand my employees on a daily basis as I never assign a job that I haven##Q##t done before. Whether it##Q##s digging a ditch in the rain or pouring cement for a foundation in the snow, I##Q##ve been there and can appreciate the challenges of each job.